Hey! This comic used to be in color! What happened? Are you gonna go back and color all the comics?
Short answer is no. The long answer is noooooooooo. The comic is in its finished state, and I am moving on to other projects. Writing projects. Projects that require no art from me at all! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Are the characters really from your D&D game?

Sorta. Well… Initially I had taken characters from a couple of different games I was playing in, changed the names, drew them the way they looked in my head instead of their players’ and ran. Very quickly, however, these characters took on a more iconic feel, becoming archetypes pulled from all of my gaming experience. If you’ve ever role-played in a tabletop game before, you’ve probably played with one or more of these people.



Which character is yours?

While in a way they all are, Bunker began as an amalgam of mine and another player’s characters, and Martin is sort of a mushed together version of several of my own PCs.


Who made your Web site? It’s super-cool and I can tell you’re not that talented.

Thanks. Really. The original web site was created and designed by my wife, Lena Shore, with a helping hand on the crunchy bits by JP. This NEW and IMPROVED site is also designed and programmed by Lena, with some additional assistance by Ron Jackson. The world marches on, and we march under it. Um… with it. On it?


You live in Florida! I live in Florida! Wanna go hang out and I can tell you all about my character and you can put it all in your strip?

Give me a hug you big ol’ geek you!


So-and-so draws better than you do. And Such-and-such is way funnier. Why don’t you go back to washing dishes at Pizza Hut?

What’s wrong with washing dishes? And I happen to love Pizza Hut! What, don’t you wash dishes in your house? Barbarian!


Can I steal all your comics to make my own book and sell it in school?



Fine. Are you gonna make a book yourself then?

Hey, I did! In fact, there are FOUR out right now. I’m going to assume that since you’re asking you missed the ad on the side over there, the blog announcements, and have never looked in the store section. But that’s okay, I love you anyway.

And don’t forget the upcoming New Heroes novels! Look for them on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and anywhere else I can squeeze the damn things in.


What are your favorite webcomics?

I started all of this by looking over the shoulders of others and thinking, “Hey! That looks like huge fun! I wanna do that too!” My personal favorites are 1977, Twenty Sided Blog, Order of the Stick, Kismetropolis, The Devil’s Panties, Unamused Comics, and the Nonadventures of Wonderella.


Do you play any MMORPGs?

I used to. My wife and I played WoW, but when I decided to make a go at writing, I realized something had to go. And WoW was it.


What happened to comments on the comics? That was my only social interaction!
Hey, I get it. It was fun. But all good things come to an end, or reruns, and as anyone can tell you, the comments are always turned off on reruns. You might try a tamagotchi.