Comic Navigation

Web mistress here. Okay. I’ve been busy and not doing my mistressy duties for HOLE as I should. I keep meaning to redesign the site, but I just haven’t. I ended up focusing on the functionality instead.

Which, brings me to the comic navigation. It’s ugly, but functional. I had so many people complain about where it was. They wanted it here, or there, or all of the above. They didn’t like the placement, etc. The other day I got a complaint that it is overlapping the comic. I assume it’s because the person’s screen isn’t wide enough. At one point I got requests to have it above the comic, below the comic, in the side bar, over the comments, under the comments, etc. and had all of them. Really? Do you guys REALLY need it repeated that many times? Sheesh. LOL.

My goal is to make the site user friendly, but not ugly as sin.

So, I thought maybe a little open forum on the subject would be helpful to me. The current navigation seems to have made most people happy, but it’s still not great. So, I open this up for conversation – what do YOU think about the navigation and how would you change it. See any other sites you love the look of and the way they navigate? Please share!

Feel free to answer the poll.