Kevin’s Biography

Kevin Pettway was born in Jacksonville, Florida, and grew up on the beach. He has lived in Gainesville, Florida, where he went looking for an education and came back with a wife instead, and Las Vegas; because hey, who wouldn’t want to live in Vegas for awhile?

Kevin created HOLE as a labor of love. He would have been happy to have created it as a labor of getting paid, but then he probably should have started a church named HOLE instead of a webcomic. Preachers get all the money and hookers.

Now the head of his very own church, the House of Liturgical Equanimity, (HoLE) Kevin is happy to take your tax-free donations, and marry couples whose parents don’t approve.

Most recently, Kevin has expanded the HOLE-iverse in an EXCITING way, with a THRILLING  new novel! Available very soon, New Heroes is Kevin’s FANTASTIC first novel, but it certainly won’t be his last. There are three more AMAZING books planned in the series.

Today, Kevin lives with his incredibly supportive, and eternally forgiving wife, Lena. The have a grumpy old bird dog named Guinness, who still gets comments on his attractiveness on walks, and a young jumping bean of a foxhound named Kaylee Fry.

He has the best life of anyone he knows.

To keep up with Kevin’s  STUPENDOUS new projects, click here and head over to his other website. It’s all writery.