The Tuesday Videos: The Misinformed Edition

Our first vid is for you young whippersnappers who think that Star Wars starts with number one. It doesn’t. It starts with number four and number one comes much, much later… if at all. Whatever. Anyway, there are are a disturbing number of kids out there who think that Four through Six were those “old” movies and they never bothered to see them. For you, I have brought this; a summary of the three originalΒ Star WarsΒ movies.

Honestly, I simply lack the words to express just how stupid this is.

You know, I understand people who love their animals, I really do. And while I certainly applaud whatΒ this young woman is doing to get back her pet, I really have to question whether it’s the best way to retrieve a stolen dog.

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  1. Is that a bear or a beaver?
    And is that a dog or a rat?

    However, those people could well do with a good portion of common sense…

    • As for the 2nd video:
      The whole affair about police and other “well-intentioned” morons mistaking the joke-meme Pedobear for a “mascot for pedophiles” and printing flyers to warn parents is actually old news. But still worth a facepalm.

      Nash from Radio Dead Air commented on it in his WTFIWWY (What The F*ck Is Wrong With You) internet series about everyday idiocies, in episode 17 It’s Stupid At The Top.

      Quote: “Where. Do I. Begin? First of all, pedophiles don’t have mascots. They don’t. Honestly, you think all the pedophiles in the world got together and said, “Hey you know what you fix our imagine problems? A mascot!” Pedophiles don’t advertize. They don’t merchandize. They’re criminals! That would be like saying Jabba the Hut was a mascot for the Mafia. It doesn’t work that way! Next, guys, there’s something called “The Google”. What you do is, you type words into the magic picture box, and it will answers all your questions. For example, when you type in the word PEDOBEAR, it explains to you that it’s a stupid f*cking joke-meme that is not actually used by pedophiles. If you’d taken the TEN GODDAMN SECONDS to look that up, you might not have unjustly painted folks at ComicCon as baby rapers, and maybe you could have used the time to, pfft I don’t know, CATCH ACTUAL PEDOPHILES!”
      (Jump to 09:40 minutes if you don’t want to watch the whole episode.)

      It can be found here:
      and here

      Incidentally, episode 17 of WTFIWWY was the episode with which Nash was picked up officially by That Guy With The Glasses website in 2010. Nash also does TechTalk (only on Bliptv) and Doctor Who Classic and Modern reviews occasionally, as well as live episodes of WTFIWWY, where he and his co-host comment on the insane news articles live . The scripted episodes, on the other hand, have themes or a general topic, and often include little hilarious sketches; episode 16 is entirely reviewed by one of Nash’s alter ego characters, “SpaceGuy”, the friendly, naive administrator guy who is, as the name says, from Space. πŸ˜‰

      The videos are all on bliptv, but jumbled together, as bliptv posts chronologically (and sometimes even jumbles those up).

      On TGWTG, Nash uploaded his older scripted episodes along with new ones, so if you want to see them in order, I’ll post a list. The first, second and third episode of WTFIWWY, which had crappy video quality as they were originally posted on a blog, were re-uploaded along with a video-in-video commentary.
      (the newest uploads are on page 1, the oldest on page 6)

      episode #1: (no title)
      episode #2: War Never Changes
      episode #3: Science will F— You
      episode #4: Florida, the Wang of America
      episode #5: I’m Too Sexy for My Brain
      episode #6: Armed and Ridiculous
      episode #7: Hardcore Nudity
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      episode #11: It’s All Your Fault [viewer submissions episode]
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      episode #16: Hey! Dumbass! Leave the Kids Alone! [the SpaceGuy episode about terrible parenting on Earth]
      episode #17: It’s Stupid At The Top
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      episode #19: Do It (to) Yourself
      episode #20: Dumb for the Holidays
      episode #21: Land of the Rising Dumb [the Japan episode]
      episode #22: Tainted Love [the Valentine episode]
      episode #23: It’s All Your Fault (Yet Again)
      episode #24: Bad Idea Bonanza
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      episode #30: Good & Evil [the latest of the scripted episodes so far]
      Lately, Nash has mostly been doing live episodes of WTFIWWY, due to time constraints.

      Check them out!

  2. *watches “Star Wars As Retold By a Valleygirl”*

    OhGodIt’sJar-JarBinksKillHim KILL HIM!


      • Because, while Dobbie is just as annoying as Jar-Jar, he’s actually integral to the story as a whole, whereas Jar-Jar is just filler.

        • True. Also, Dobbie is friendly, has awesome magical powers and uses them to the advance of the plot (most of the time, at least), while Jar-Jar has no charm, no useful talents and bumbles around like an idiot, yet survives by dumb luck and everyone in the movies tolerates Jar-Jar for unknown reasons.

          • Good points, all. I think it’s perhaps extra irritating (restating Christina’s observation a bit) that the movie itself seems to protect Jar-Jar from his own stupidity, giving him the air of a completely inescapable ruinous presence. While Jar-Jar is shown to act “heroically”, it’s meaningless both in that it never represents any kind of threat to him, and that he is a complete tool for the forces of naughtiness.

            Dobbie, on the other hand, is heroic, empathetic, and vulnerable. When he sticks his neck out it means something, because he can really get it cut off. Plus, at no point is Dobbie EVER just a stooge, even when he is a slave.

            I guess ultimately this is all a matter of writing.

            • Jar Jar was the temp comedic replacement of 3-CPO during those episodes. While Jar Jar was stupid annoying neither really were necessary for the plot.

  3. The problem I have with the IV-V-VI is that now Darth Vader isn’t this mysterious awesome dark knight but just this oh-so stupid whiny pathetic unlikeable puppet and through him, the first films are anchored to this messy, ridiculous, giant plot-hole of a universe that is depicted in I-II-III. On that note, back to “The Old Republic” asap, thank you Bioware !

    I am hardly an expert on the subject and certainly did not make a full investigation as any professionnal journalist on tv would before saying anything on air but isn’t Pedobear just a joke symbol people stick on images ? While we can certainly commend how serious they are taking any threat to the children, I certainly wish the people in charge of such an important mission knew what they were talking about. It would actually be, you know, safer for the children.

    The inherent flaw in her plan is that people, in the two second span they drive by her, will glance at her and not at what she is holding up : / Well, at the very least it should be good for her tan !

    • The spam list apparently ate my reply because it contained links to Nash’s episode of WTFIWWY where he complains about moronic police and journalists not looking up the info that “pedobear” is a Japanese joke-meme and not a “mascot for pedophiles”, and instead they printed flyers, spooked parents on national TV, and painted geeks and comic fans as pedophiles. *sigh*

      Kevin, could you please look into the spam buffer and see if you can unearth my posting?

    • Draad wrote: “The problem I have with the IV-V-VI is that now Darth Vader isn’t this mysterious awesome dark knight but just this oh-so stupid whiny pathetic unlikeable puppet and through him, the first films are anchored to this messy, ridiculous, giant plot-hole of a universe that is depicted in I-II-III.”

      To me, Star Wars I-II-III exists in the same place for me as Highlander II: an alternate universe to the original, where everything is lame. (Except for Jango Fett.) Although I have a hard time of it every time I see the remastered scene on Endor where the ghost of Vader/Skywalker Senior as a white-haired guy at the age he died has been overwritten with the ghost of young Anakin McWhinepants at the age he became Darth Vader in the prequels… which annoys me because a) the character of Anakin Skywalker in the prequels was 10+ years too young, and b) logically Luke would go, “Who the hell is that young emo guy in black standing beside ghost-Obi-Wan and ghost-Yoda? I have never seen him before.”

      I wish someone would go and remake parts I-II-II, but I’m afraid Lucas will try to remake IV-V-VI somewhere down the line. πŸ™

  4. As for bikini girl – yes, standing on the sidewalk with a single sign is probably among the worst ways of getting your dog back. (In competition with such timeless classics as “just waiting to see if it returns”)

    Getting airtime on TV for having stood on a sidewalk in a bikini and thus turned yourself into a sweeps weeks worthy “human interest” story – now that does sound like a pretty nifty plan. Better than pasting lamp posts with printed leaflets that nobody will look much at either.

  5. There may be an actaul pedophile out there somewhere who identifies with pedobear…. but I find it unlikely.

    As for bikini standing…. I’m in favor, even if it is to get a rat-dog back. Does at elast catch more attention then yet another flyer posted.

    • I imagine that one pedophile is also a furry, and it’s really hard for him to find children who also dress in animal costumes so he has a rough time of it. I almost feel bad for the guy, but then I remember he’s a pedophile, so fuck that guy.

  6. Just got back from Alaska (yeah, I know, going from California to Alaska in December really doesn’t qualify me for the “Smartest guy” award, but hey, gotta visit Grandma for Christmas.)

    1: Poor Chewie…he’s just a deformed Ewok! Maybe he should invoke the Chewbaka defense?
    2: Hey look! Now we know what happened to Sexual Harrassment panda! Clearly the reporters Did Not Do The research!
    3: Hey, whatever floats her boat I guess. Can’t she get another pet rat?

      • Actually, Southeast Alaska is more rainy than snowy, even in December…we had about 2 days of snow and 14 or so days of rain. Temperate Rainforest Donchaknow…