Stayin’ Alive in Skyrim Edition

Times have changed. Mouth to mouth and CPR is now less effective than CPR alone for a stopped heart. (Wonder who was willing to test thatΒ out?) Snatch’s Bullet Tooth Tony is teaching life-saving techniques, and disco has become the great healer of men.

I have to admit… Nicole Kidman has never really been my favorite actress.

This is a very cute Skyrim video, that can be enjoyed by anyone, whether you play or not. You may notice that allΒ of these videos end more or less the same way, although in this case, that was likely the entire point.

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  1. I discovered the Elder Scrolls universe with Morrowind and enjoyed Oblivion a lot. However when Skyrim came out I had tons of work and thought I might pass it, maybe buy it on Steam when the gold edition would come out at 10% of the price….

    … but my GF offered it to me for Christmas (on PS3) and, while I ignored superbly for a couple of week, I gave it a tentative go during the first week of january. I played a few minutes and insisted she create a character as well and try, I thought she might like it too…

    … and we are completely hooked since then. In the past two weeks I don’t think there is more than a couple of day neither of us played.

    She plays a Khajiit conjurer / thief who travels with her small army of summoned muscle and takes everything which isn’t bolted down. I reckon she could feed the entire population of Skyrim for a year with the food she has stocked in her pantry.

    I have an Argonian enchanter / destroyer who has a lot of respect for the dead and does not even glance at funerary urns when he has to go in crypts (in Morrowing if you looted funerary urns, angry ghosts appeared and attacked you, I know they don’t do that in Skyrim but I thought it might be a roleplay thing πŸ˜‰ )

    When I had to do the basic emergency training, they had us do “mouth to nose” which they told us was much more efficient than “mouth to mouth”. I thought this announcement was very well made, very funny and the fact I should only do CPR in case of is duly noted : )

    • By the way, I sent her a link to the last video and she loved it : )

      So thanks from her as well for this selection ; )

      • You bet.

        I try to play once or twice a week; enough to keep me in and interested but not so much as to wreck my life. Heh. Tuesdays are boy days, however, and that means a Skyrim day! Woot!

        • Enjoy : )

          Surprisingly Skyrim can be a couple’s activity. As we took different roads we don’t have the same quests, centers of activity, etc. (so it is intersting to watch for the other as well) and when we do, we often take different choice if the roleplay allows.

          Ex: About the civil war, as a Khajiitm her character is somewhat favorable to the Thalmor for bringing back the moons and thus would rather work with the corrupt, crumbling Empire whereas my Argonian patriot, whishing to keep the global geopolitcal situation as unstable as possible so that the expansionnist Black Marsh’s forces can consolidate their hold on Morrowind undisturbed, might reluctantly help the hateful Nord supremacists, the Stormcloacks.

          … What ? We’re roleplayers, we can’t help this kind of stuff…

          Anyway, it helps that she loves doing the lockpicking minigames, mines too, and that I can kill the spiders for her (both in RL and in Skyrim) ; )

          • Wow, that’s way more than I knew about it. I’m playing a dunmer, and I picked the Stormcloaks because I liked their name and they didn’t try to chop off my head in the first minute and a half of the game.

            • A valid argument ; )

              Personnaly I was favorable to the Stormcloacks until I found out in Windhelm that they treated anybody who wasn’t a tall, blond, blue-eyed Nord like 10th grade citizen…

              … then I find out that the Empire is now bowing to another breed of tall, blond, racists which are a lot more worse…

              I commend Bethesda for giving us some nuanced choice but this is one truely about the”lesser evil” …

              I simply regret you can’t join the dragons’ side. After all, my character supposedly has the soul of a dragon, and as Argonian, he also comes equipped with scales, fangs and tail. Strap a couple of wings on his back, make him about 20 tons heavier and he is good to go ; )

  2. The first one, being from the UK so remember Mr Jones from his time as a footballer is a little amusing.

    I didn’t see the second one coming, even though it was in a post about Skyrim. Rarely for me, I also laughed out loud at a video.

    The third one is ok, but it makes me jealous of having a crew of people willing to do that kind of thing.

  3. I see the commenting thingamabob is fixed now…

    Skyrim is incredibly fun…as a rabid Altoholic, I’m trying one of every race, with a variety of playstyles (My current highest is a level 61 Khajiit Assassin/Rogue (with a bit of conjuration on the side…a Fire atronoch makes a handy distraction for quick escapes))

    • Aah Fire atronachs… anti-air supports and suicide bombers rolled into one cute frame that actually pass through any and all doorways…

      • And actually know how to friggin Kite a mob. Every other followerish creature rushes right into meele, blocking bow shots and generally trying to get killed.

        Poor Cicero…tough, though. (“And I said to the pickle, you’re not dead, you’re a faker! But if that’s your wish, I’ll oblige!”)

      • I got to the end of the conjuration line, so I can now have TWO permanent atronarchs following me around. I love it when the stupid dragon is flipping around and hiding behind treetops while I try to line up a bowshot… watching the blasts of flame or lightning streak into the air. THEY know where the bastard is!

        • So far I’ve held off from advancing the main quest all the way.

          The one shout I wish I had is Dragonrend…make the annoying freaks crash. Sometimes they simply refuse to attack me so I can hit them with a Marked For Death shout while they’re hovering.

          However, ever since I got Shadowmere, dragons seem to like to go after it.

          • Speaking (No pun intended) of the Marked for Death shout, has anyone else noticed that the 3-word version gets the first word wrong? The first word is “Krii!” and it sounds that way on a single tap, but if you hold the button down for the 3 word version, the first word sounds like “Yun”

              • Anything you hit with marked for Death is WAY easier to kill. doesn’t do any significant damage itself, but debuffs their defenses quite a bit.

                Have you gotten the Wabbajack? That’s one messed up staff…

                • I have not. I’ll be looking for it though. πŸ™‚

                  I did finish Civil War last night. It’s pretty amazing how much faster those sieges go when your side is bolstered by a fully tricked out housecarl, two bolstered flame atronarchs, and a dragon.

              • I found “marked for death” from a random stone. There was a dragon priest in front of it. In my experience, just using the first shout is better than using any deeper (the stone gave 2 in and I bought both as I had an excess of souls at the time). The first word lasts longer than its duration and stacks with itself if it lives that long (ie the debuff’s effectiveness is multiplied) where as 2+ that doesn’t happen.

                • In dragon fights, where the dragon is flying all over the place, the 3-word version works fine, since you’re unlikely to get a second good shot for it before the shout recharges. Also, wear a Talos talisman, it lets you shout more often.

  4. I’m impressed, 2 videos and a whole page of comments about Skyrim without that internet trope that I shall not detail here for fear of being the cause of that of which I celebrate the absence.