Silly Season Edition!

It seems like you just can’t be a scandal-ridden failed presidential candidate these days without somebody making fun of you over it.

Yet another installment of the “Who put that guy on TV?” show. (By the way, I am outraged at the phallic shape of everyone’s neckties.)

Appealing to the base. The line for bigots and fundies starts here!

And the rebuttals…

22 Responses to Silly Season Edition!

  1. OK, I admit it, I’ve never watched Fox News (I’ve been subjected to Glen Beck a time or two in a physician’s waiting room), I just read the website with the same name. It’s like they’re run by two different editoral staffs. (staves?)
    That’s as biased as I’ve ever heard Rush Limbaugh or Al Franken run a radio show. That ‘moderator’ was anything but.

  2. The sad thing is, as stupid as some of the people in these videos are, they couldn’t possibly do a worse job of being president than the current resident of 1400 Pen Ave.

    And that includes Miss Piggy.

    • Then it’s a good thing that, as flawed as he is, we have a president more competent than the Muppets (and the clown car full of almost human candidates who want his job) living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (NW).

      I don’t know what president lives at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue NW; that’s the Four Seasons hotel. 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue SE appears to be a vacant storefront. At least some of the clown-car candidates probably couldn’t run that either.

  3. Kevin, I tried to contact you using the Contact Form on this website, to send you my current main e-Mail address, because you said you wanted to contact me, but I’m not sure if it reached you?

  4. Wait, I see some talking heads on Fox News talking about the Muppets and crude oil and the delusion called the American Dream, in the same discussion… does this somehow make sense to them in the total fantasy world living in their heads? Did the giant duck living in their fridge tell them to?

  5. … wow.

    I had only heard of “Fox-quality” news before, never saw it myself. Being bad and superficial is one thing but how can “journalists” be so biased ?

    It completely lacks professionalism and is so blatant that … well it might be counter-productive, I mean even if I agreed with the content, I would want not to be on the same side as those guys, they would undermine my own views.

    As for the hateful idiot in the other videos, I am left speechless. How can things like this allowed on air ?

    Were I president of the world, I would propose two things to change politics:

    1) Political parties could not be funded by private interests. It would diminish the fundraising demagogy and it would also lessen the “We got you elected, now you do what we say” relationship between government and large companies.
    1) Need of a permit to vote. This permit would not be particularly hard to get but would require voters to understand at least the basics of geopolitics, economics and what the main issues are about.

    I think those changes would get countries some healthier governments, that is unless these laws are perverted and exploited immediately which they will ; )

  6. I’m mostly concerned about the permanent brain damage caused by those ties.
    And, by the way, I have nothing against bigot assholes. Nothing legal so far…