The Tuesday Videos: Twaddle Dandy Edition

Yes, this is my Representative, and no, you will not find a better argument against gerrymandering anywhere. Rep. Brown’s district looks like a spastic cobra got caught up in a lawn mower and splattered across a map. Bright spot… I am certain that the University of Florida is proud to have their English department championed by such an… understated wit.

I’d kinda appreciate it though if the gentlewoman would yield back the balance of her salary for spending her time in Congress this way though.

This guy is just a little soft, so you may want to turn up your speakers real loud. Especially if you are at work and trying to listen over all the office sounds.

No. Why do you think I’m trying to get you fired?

Ever wonder what they guys who did all that computer animation for Avatar have been up to since James Cameron has just been sitting around re-releasing all his old movies? Well wait no longer, I found them.

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  1. Hey, it could be worse…your representative could actually be writing legislation to screw things up even worse. We might all be better off if MORE of those losers did something so inane instead of scheming up ways to raise the taxes of the little old lady who owns the corner coffee shop.

    • You have the wrong end of it: The problem isn’t taxes because we have to have taxes to get things we need like roads, schools, drinking water, police, firefighters, a proper hospital and ambulance system, jails, an electric grid, environmental protection, and so on.
      The problem is taxes being embezzled by corruption of various types like Pentagon overspending, corn subsidies, the Cuba embargo, the war of drugs, RIAA lawsuits, three strikes laws, absurd patent law protections and government commitments to inflating drug company profits, making public healthcare initiatives like HMOs and Obamacare into private profit for the insurance industry, no-bid Haliburton contracts, the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and shit like that.
      Yeah, taxes should not be raised to pay for those things, but, “No tax!” fundamentalists are missing out on the fact that they need to fight the corruption directly instead of trying to strangle all of government. In failing to accept that taxes are necessary and may need to go up to pay for things we all benefit from (which actually does include welfare for welfare deadbeats because it’s cheaper than jails) they take themselves out of the reality that government and taxes are here to stay and necessary for what they want.

    • TARP is the troubled asset relief program which was set up for the government to give money to rich banks whose scam mortgage-security bullshit exploded in their face like they always knew it eventually would. They’ve already given out hundreds of billions of dollars to “temporarily buy” investment securities which aren’t actually worth much. They can’t possibly meet the cost paid for them without decades of inflation raising the prices of the underlying property that the mortgages are on. By the time that happens the money handed out should have already paid for other things with better investment return than bonuses for asshole Citigroup executives… except it didn’t.

      Taxes shouldn’t rise to pay for this but the money has already gone out the door to the dollar-value biggest crooks and cheats in history. If taxes don’t rise to pay for this now then it comes out of you having a school in your town, or a water system, or firefighters, or one of the other ways they download costs to the local level eventually. If you fight the tax increase now you just get no traffic lights or garbage pickup. It is too late to fight this tax increase because you’re taking it in the ass either way ever since the moment those billions got sent out the door with a hug and a kiss between Timothy Geithner and his bestest buddies back on Wall Street.
      The time to fight it is before the politicians start their circle jerks with all their lobbyist sponsors, unless and until you force the politicians to take that money back from the Citigroup politicians businessmen.

      Look up the absurd details of TARP for yourself, it’s an article that’s actually slanted to say that TARP is a good thing but if you’re smart enough to question what I say you should make it past that just fine:

  2. 1) I admit my relative ignorance of the finer aspects of american politics but why is a woman dressed as a gospel singer talking about football matches in Congress ?

    2) I made good note of a couple of them.

    3) Cat-spitting should be a more widespread superpower.

        • Heh. Maybe. Technically, House rules prevent true filibusters (unlimited debate) by limiting the length of debate. I don’t know for sure if that’s what’s going on here in this vid, but it’s my best guess.

    • Because she is a widely acknowledged idiot. And please allow me to point out, this person has NOTHING to do with the “finer” aspects of american politics. (It’s honestly not a filibuster. Congresspeople will often get up and just blather about something cool that happened to them that day or some stupid shit that they thought of the night before six martinis in, regardless of the subject at hand. This was likely during a debate over a bill that Brown simply had no interest in.)

      • “Poly” – Greek root meaning “Many”
        “Ticks” – Blood Sucking Parasites.
        “Politics” – Many Blood Sucking Parasites.

  3. 1: wat. “GATORS ARE SO GREAT, therefore we want all childs to be athletic BUT THEY WON’T BE NO GOOD CUZ DA GATAS SO GRATE.” wat. (wat)

    2: Wizard sleeve. A lot of those were more lewd than the actual word “vagina.”

    3: NKATO.

  4. 1) I remember shortly after moving to Tulsa, reading in the paper a lament from the state legislature that they were going to have to extend their session (and salaries) because they just didn’t have enough time to get all their work done. ON THE SAME PAGE was an account of a bill they had passed, naming an ‘Official State Soil”. Yep, knowing which dirt in Oklahoma was the official state dirt was more important than dealing with roads or education or political corruption.
    2) Just to up the ante:
    Yet another take on 99 Luftballoons. Not gonna pretend that one is SFW.
    3) Golly. I can’t decide if dubbing would take away too much from the beautiful acting or subtitles would cover up too much of the gorgeous cinematography.