The Tuesday Videos: Merry Christmas for Realz Edition

Okay, last week I was cruel, giving you a video offering that every fanboy who hasn’t already seen it wants to watch, and every fanboy who’s already seen it wishes they hadn’t. Kind of The Ring of Christmas specials. This week I am again benevolent, with a smorgasbord of happy, seasonal joybags for you to tear into.

Merry Christmas!

We begin with what the Star Wars Christmas Special should have looked like:

In 1981 Lucas put out an album called Christmas With the Stars. Feel free to skip or just listen to a bit of this one, as it’s mostly notable for R2D2 and C3PO singing Christmas songs, and once you get past the novelty of that… well…

Annnd… here’s where it starts to get awesome.

Don’t know how long these links will be good for, so in case they’re gone and you decide to go looking on your own, the name of the vid is Gift of the Night Fury.

Now I know I’ve done these “history of Christmas” things before, but no one does it better than Kristen Stewart.

And a final bit of music to sweep you out the door, al á, the Muppets.

8 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: Merry Christmas for Realz Edition

  1. Wow! Totally awesome, those CelloPiano guys – although it’s too late for me to take Cello lessons (I’m at the Double Bass now 😉

    Does Kristen Stewart always sound so whiny?

    And yes, that’s the spirit of carolling!

    (The rest I skipped for obvious reasons…)

    • Sorry about the ones you had to skip. but the Piano Guys vid was definitely one of the better ones up today.

      We’ll go back to the regular format after the holidays, I had just found so many good Christmasy things to share I felt the need to go a little overboard.

      BTW, have you ever considered using a US proxy server?

  2. Awesome. I loved How to Train Your Dragon so this freebie was great… although was the message material things (helmet) front everything else (dragon babies)? meh.. I think the animations are cool.

    Kristin Stewart looks like she does cocaine or heroine. Fidgety, swallows a lot, uncomfortable, if she started scratching her arms I’d know it true. Baby Jesus was like Ehayyyyyyy.

  3. A Very Merry Christmas to you Kevin, and Lena, and all your wonderful contributors and readers, and all the idiots out there who keep doing stupid stuff for you to blog about.

    Flying Spaghetti Monster Bless Us, Every One.