The Tuesday Videos: George and Klaus Edition

Our first video is a training video for forklift drivers from Germany. No I used to drive a forklift myself, (a few years ago) and I don’t remember the job being quite this… hazardous. But maybe I was just lucky. (BTW, the whole video was 9 minutes+, this is just the highlights.)

Next is an enactment of the scene that plays through every father’s head as he watches his daughter walk out of the house by herself. Every time.

Finally is a video that has been getting some serious play recently. I saw it awhile ago on George Takei’s Facebook post… but it was Christmas and it took me awhile to get back to the regular geek stuff. Anyway, it hit pretty big and got picked up by a few entertainment news shows, so you might already have seen bits of it on TV or elsewhere. But in case you haven’t, or just wanted to watch again, here it is whole and in all its incendiary glory.

Oh myyy…

6 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: George and Klaus Edition

  1. Well, I didn’t know german safety-film-makers could be so funny.
    I’ll have to take a rest before watching the others…

  2. Yeah… I really don’t know WHAT he meant by that. Being able to blow up a planet seems pretty significant by anyone’s yardstick, especially given the amount of effort it took Yoda to pick up and move a single X-wing fifty feet.