The Tuesday Videos: Tech Support Edition

Our first video is of a 2001 Norwegian comedy skit. Time, I’m afraid, has only made it more relevant and amusing.

Not having Spike, I never saw this next commercial. Just in case you haven’t either, here’s a brief primer on why it may be inadvisable to bring a Sith lord to any kind of competitive sporting match.

And finally, the Darknight Detective, being brilliant as ever.

18 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: Tech Support Edition

  1. Video 1: Yeah. I know people like that.
    Video 2: Man, I must be the only nerd alive who thinks sith jokes are lame.
    Video 3: That was great.

    Yesterday, about Florida, Kevin said the following: “Lots of folks simply consider it a place for New Jerseyites to go to die.” I would like to point out that a lot of people from Canada also go to Florida to die. Then again, “lots of people” in Canadian terms is like, 6. 6 is a lot of people in Canada.

  2. What’s that thing the guy in Video 1 is trying to open? Is it a kindle or an ipad? I don’t think I’ve seen one before and I’m normally quite up on new technology!

  3. Somewhere out there must be a short (german) sequence related to #1 (from memory):
    Teacher shows book in class around.
    Children: “Where’s the on/off switch?” etc.
    Teacher grabs book, says “listen!” and bumps it on one child’s head.
    Child: “Sounds hollow.”
    Teacher: “That’s not because of the book!”