The Tuesday Videos: Dead Puppets Edition

For those of you who noticed that there was no blog this Thursday… sorry, but apparently I forgot all about Thanksgiving! We will resume our normal blogging schedule next week 🙂


Today’s first video celebrates the return of the Walking Dead on AMC, the little network that could. I think they figured out that if you make good enough TV, you will eventually profit from all the people who will buy DVDs and Blu Rays, even if your numbers stay in the crapper.

Yes, it’s silly. No, it’s not topical. Yes, it’s a little too cute. No, I’m not apologizing.

And last but not least, a scene from everyone’s favorite comedy, Silence of the Lambs.

18 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: Dead Puppets Edition

  1. Having trouble with your embed links, had to poke at the first two to get them to work and the third one gives me copyright takedown BS.

    • “This video contains content from mgm, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
      Sorry about that.”

  2. 1: Eh. Not being a zombie fan, I think it was a little “not to my demographic.” I liked the main joke of “come on let me talk already”, though – I just think it went on a little too long.

    2: Adowabuwww! Totally makes up for

    3: COUNTRY BLOCKINATED. Idiots. If you corporations want Canadians to stop pirating “everything”, maybe you should start making things* legally available in Canada?

    *This applies to a lot more than youtube videos.

      • It’s like this: We haven’t passed a Canadian counterpart to DMCA so the RIAA made the state department declare Canada as a haven for international copyright infringement with no respect for intellectual property rights.
        It’s incredibly stupid, but fuck the RIAA.
        Also fuck CRIA–their Canadian version–for trying to pass those shitty laws up here. They’ve failed consistently over the last decade because lots of people here don’t truck with this suing grandmothers for nothing shit. We have traditionally had a “media levy” on things like blank tapes, CDs, DVDs and apparently also hard drives which compensates rightsholders for supposed losses to copyright infringement without anybody suing anything. This hasn’t stopped them from trying to get a succession of similarly bad laws to what they shovel into congress and the senate up here into our parliament.
        There is another reason why: The government used to be a minority government without the power to actually pass those kinds of laws for the last decade but that breather is now over so our consumer rights people are going to have to fight a lot harder now.

  3. Hmm… it is now next week… normal blogging hour, normal blogging channel. This can only mean one thing… the Turkeys won.