The Tuesday Videos: Cain Will Kill You Edition

Our first video gives us a little insight into the upcoming presidential election, and then whacks us over the head with it. (Although I do like the idea of Pizza Pthursday.)

And because I am always interested in giving you guys something work safe to watch in front of your employers, I offer Big Tits Zombie!

Because I do a fair amount of work for marketing agencies, I am privy to all the latest trends. Here is one of the most rememberable.

23 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: Cain Will Kill You Edition

  1. I am not sure if the catvertising video is pure comedy or slightly true. I’ll have to ask my in house professional… Bitsy Ballsy Cat. Yes that is her name, she eats out of the same bowl as my german shepherd.

  2. That strippers versus zombies trailer seemed so very 1980s. Have you been overdosing on old horror movies lately?