The Tuesday Videos, R.R. Nemo Edition

In case you’re interested, the original dialog here is “Listen, and understand! That Terminator is out there! It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.”

There was always something slightly off-putting about Full House that I could never completely express. People would ask, and, unable to explain my feelings, could only shrug. I still can’t say exactly what the problem is, but I think it’s in this clip somewhere.

Okay, while the honest truth is that I would probably play with this thing once or twice for a grand total of twenty minutes and then forget I had it, the thing still looks awesome as hell. And it would be a gas at cons…

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  1. Hmn…to what nefarious purpose could the RC helium fish be put to? They make microcameras that hardly weigh anything these days, though to use it at any kind of range you would have to find a way to boost the controller’s signal.

    • Direct laser link using RC only as a positioning aid? Might be out of most geeks’ budget, I don’t know how much those toys have come down in price over the years.

      • Scratch that, helium fill the sucker with an ignition device and ballast (explosive?) inside the balloon. Boom!

              • It is most of a day later and nobody has commented on my turning these toys into bombs concept yet. Are you all afraid of being terrorist watch-listed or rushing out for materials because you want exploding, flying fish for your punk-band stage acts?

                • Your concept is too complicated: drop the ignitor and instead take a strong laserpointer…

                  • I see, then just get yourself an explosive that will be triggered by the detonating hydrogen to use as ballast.

                    • The pyrotechnics version would have ballast designed to make coloured smoke or sparks of course….

    • Actually, I’ve suggested piranha that swim in air as a way to scare the shit out of players before. Of course that was for someone running a HPL-mythology game.

      • I think there is an actual movie about that. Some absurd horror flick about mutated piranhas with wings.

        Ah, found it.

        The masterpiece PIRANHA 2 from 1981.

        Eh, James Camerons deput as a director. He got to direct it for a week, then the producer took all control over it. 😛

      • You know, there’s something I haven’t seen yet.

        How does one go about getting a swarm for a familiar / animal companion?

          • “I have a termite mound for my animal companion!” Suddenly the ground gives way and the marauding band of adventurers seeking to protect those ungrateful villagers gets full-body swarmed and devoured by termites? Gassy.

          • No, not really. A rat swarm, a bat swarm, a spider swarm, those don’t have hiveminds. And then you start getting into the magical swarms (undead, fey, plant, etc.)… I just want to control a swarm! ):

  2. One thing kids of today have that I certainly did not is : affordable, fun, user-friendly, flying RC toys.

    (I admit I did not check the price on these but I keep seeing these little RC helicopters which are quite cheap.)

    When I was little, flying RC stuff was reserved for an elite who could :
    1: pay a lot for them
    2: spend months working on them
    3: have benevolent supervision for the entire process (useful for step 1 and 2)
    4: not explode of frustration when they crash their plane after flying it 1D6 times.

    All this to say I think those fishes are a great idea. Now I just need to buy one, paint green scales on it, hop into a time machine dropping me about twenty years ago and use it for my ninja turtles’ blimp ; )

    • Back then they didn’t have electric motors that could fly a toy without a heavy battery that would prevent the same. Everything that genuinely flew was gas.

      Ninja Turtles blimp? SO awesome.

      • The good ol days of wind up rubber bands, and the ensuing random chaos, are long dead it seems.
        I remember the first time seeing a miniature blimp, it was so slow, but awesome, for the 5 minutes it ran.

        Today I just use ESTES rockets. Chaotic fun at its’ best!

  3. #1: Isn’t that a /dogs/ face?
    #2: I totally understand you.
    #3: “The shark still looks like a fake!”

  4. I think that the fish would last a little longer than 20 mins.

    20 mins for each person who regularly visits you perhaps? After all, each one of them is going to want to see it working.