The Tuesday Videos: Panhellenic Explosions Edition

Sorry this is late… again. Last week the blog was finished, I just forgot to set the time for it to post. This time paying jobs and a new puppy (update Thursday!) conspired to steal my attention and I simply forgot all about it. Really sorry. However, you clowns ARE very important to me, so the instant I remembered, I jumped back into the blogger’s chair and started picking out your videos. Have fun!

To me, this next video says that I need to go back and start writing some explosions into my book if I want to make it in Hollywood. There just aren’t enough things blowing up in medieval days.


This is not the first Jedi Kittens video, but it is the best one so far. Those amongst you who are strongly kitten averse may wish to look away…

Jedi Kittens

Finally, to inject a little “music” into the day, our last video combines two of my favorite things. Barely legal women desperately seeking approval, and white people rapping badly. It’s all win.

Stop singing.

23 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: Panhellenic Explosions Edition

    • That was made by the Panhellenic whatzits. I believe it was intended simply to encourage girls to rush any sorority… although I’m not sure that’s exactly what it does.

  1. 1: Explosions are cool, and nobody does explosions like Michael Bay. Well done sir.

    2: Kittens are adorable, and Star Wars is my personal favorite nerdiness of choice. This made me laugh.

    3: Why would you do that to us Kevin?

  2. The best part about all of that?

    ALL of that?

    The demographic of the third video:

    This video is most popular with:
    Gender Age
    Male 35-44
    Male 45-54

  3. #1: Not enough explosions, and the ones he has don’t have enough concussion blasts visible in the pyrotechnics.
    #2: This is like someone who enjoys burritos and ice cream trying to combine the two… the work has disaster-scene appeal but I don’t like looking at it.
    #3: Am I the only person who is distracted by what the term “going Greek” is slang for? Aside from that this video proves that bad rap can make anybody look old and ugly.

  4. Well, it’s not about the explosion itself, it’s about what you blow up.
    If you fill a ship in a harbour with an insanely overpowered fireball: OK, but somehow boring.
    If you fill the head of the lighttower with an insanely overpowered fireball, thus saving your own fleet and beheading the bad guy with the glass shards: totally Michael Bay!

  5. I liked the part when things went BOOM, then I liked the part when kittins were flying.

    The last part I was too distracted with center stage to hear the vocals, oh wait there were no vocals… thank jeebus that could have been awful. (vocals did not come through for me).

  6. I was going to write something witty about the “Every Single Michael Bay Explosion” video, but alas I fell asleep halfway through. Just like while watching Transformers 3. πŸ˜‰

    I think it’s hilarious when wizards blow *themselves* up. We need to bring back spell fumble tables. But that would imply that spellcasting required a roll of some sorts which it doesn’t.

    D&D isn’t “medieval”, unless you define “The Middle Ages” merely as “castles” and “guys in armor on horseback”.
    If D&D was medieval, no non-noble would be allowed to carry a sword (for mercenaries, you want the Renaissance), and all adventurers, being homeless and armed vagabonds, would be considered a menace to society.

    • Actually, most of my characters had a home. Sure, they didn’t spend any time there while adventuring, but they had someplace to hang their pointy hat/helmet/whatever when between adventures.

    • Now that’s only mostly true. There were professional knights who went from tournament to tournament looking for tournament prizes and trying to impress potential employers so they could join in-house forces and get a regular wage. Those potentially could be granted a fiefdom and peasants to be taxed if they did well enough just like any in-house veteran of a victorious overlord. Also, traveling merchants were expected to have caravan guards weren’t they?
      A sword and being mounted on horseback however was right out unless one claimed to be a knight though, and that required the supposed knight to defend both in lineage and combat their rights to be one. Depending on the area they could fudge or buy the lineage part though.
      With that all said: Armed non-knights without a patron or declared lord were called villeins, the root of the word villain, and I will agree I’m splitting hairs in the above part mostly. People with weapons in the medieval period had patrons or lords they owed fealty to.