The Thursday Blog: Happily Busy Edition

Some folks may have noticed (or not, I really have no idea about this sort of thing) that I have not been quite as quick to comment below in the last couple of months. As it happens, I picked up a couple of nice illustration jobs doing some more work for a production company here in town. The first one was another insurance company thing, and the second was a series of holiday videos for a south eastern U.S. grocery store chain.

I’ve been pretty excited to do the work, and was able to combine efforts with Lena to completely redesign our kitchen. She landed a cabinetry/interiors client that needed several web sites done and was willing to trade, and with the money from the illo jobs I was able to get all-new fancy-shmancy appliances. However, suffice to say that between the two jobs, the kitchen work, and the new dog, time has been pretty tight around here.

I am so glad the comic was over before I tried to do all of this. I had to take the entire time off from working on the book, (which nearly killed me) but it would have been so much worse if I was still trying to complete a daily comic schedule. As it is I went into a meeting last week with both eyes twitching because I kept thinking about how I ought to be working on the stuff we were sitting there having the meeting about.

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be corporate drones.

(To be clear… because the marketing firm I’m doing the work for inexplicably came here to see what kind of art I do… those guys were okay. They’re a little young, and they appear to have some time/boundary issues, but the truth is they’re just getting pushed around by their client, and I am at the far end of that food chain. Hard to bitch though when they’re the ones signing the checks. Obviously it’s worth it to me. LOL!)

Anyway, there’s one more tiny bit of art to do for this part of the job, and then we’ll have about a month break. I’m kind of excited to see the result, so I’ll be sure to post to the customer’s website when it goes up. (This one is slightly animated.)

That’s the news for now. I jumped back on the book today and officially passed the halfway mark, (50,000 words) so I’d say that’s going well. Let me know how all of you guys are doing below and we’ll compare notes!

14 Responses to The Thursday Blog: Happily Busy Edition

    • LOL! Sorry, I’m a total pussy when it comes to that sort of thing. Lena used to hide penises in the T shirt designs she sold to frat houses when we lived in Gainesville, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Get caught once and you blow that trust, and poof. No more clients ever.

          • Think of it kind of like “where’s Waldo?” – Lots of artists hide things in their drawings…Heck, with that hat, you could hide Morty in just about any setting…

            “Hey, is that cat wearing a HAT?”

  1. No worries, no worries. Having a life is pretty cool – you may have noticed I’ve been pretty sparse myself. More so than I was, anyway, as I tend to lurk more than comment.

    I have to say, though, that your vernacular has been tainted. That “LOL!” that you snuck in there? That’s the scent of someone who doesn’t live on the internet. A sure-fire sign, as it were.

    You’re changing, Kevin.


    • It’s true. I’ve been thinking about that recently. I have increasingly been feeling like I’ve goat a foot in two (or more) worlds. In general this doesn’t bother me, and is actually a good thing.

  2. I’m being driven insane by having too much free time I shouldn’t have: Need other people to finish shit for me to do my job and they aren’t done.
    I’d offer to trade but I doubt you’re much better at C than I am with a drawing tablet. (Also… NDAs.)
    Make sure your employer isn’t snowing you with a fake deadline attempting to pull a Steve Jobs reality distortion field effect, eh? Apparently copying that particular ludicrous habit is very popular these days.

    • Oh they do, but that’s just part of the game. It doesn’t really matter. I get paid to produce on the deadline they give me, I don’t care what their actual deadline really is. Besides, I do the same thing. I’m all too happy to tell a client something will take six days when I know it will take three, then turn it in on day five and look like a hero. (Special note to any of my clients reading this, I only do that to everyone else. Never to you.)

  3. Glad your getting your bank account rolling.
    I am in the opposite field, I now have more work to do but still get payed the same. I am literally counting down the months (6) before the majority of my debt is payed off, and then I too can do some house upgrades. We really need a fence for our yard.

    So uh… what grocery store?