The Tuesday Videos: Mustachioed Muscles Edition

Tom Sellek was the original casting for Indiana Jones, but couldn’t do it because he was committed to Magnum P.I. George Lucas specifically did not want Harrison Ford as Indy because he was afraid that Ford would become too associated in the public mind with himself. Today people generally feel that George was wrong and Harrison was the better choice… although it could have been greater still if they had given him Sellek’s mustache.

It gets in there deep…

Russia does have a slightly different idea of “street music” from the rest of the world, but who are we to say it’s wrong? I’m not a russian auto insurance provider.

13 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: Mustachioed Muscles Edition

  1. 1st – is it wrong that the moustache made some of those people look better? Particularly Spiderman, I think he needs one.

    2nd – 0_0

    3rd – I guess if you can’t get a portable stereo, taking the band for a ride is the next best thing.

  2. 1: Truer words have never been spoken. Mustache Superman was particularly appropriate ; )

    2: My father bought one of these expensive professionnal “PowerPlates” for something like 1200, 1500 $ if memory serves when they came out and… I don’t think it has been turned on once in the past three years. At least this .. thing is cheap… and looks like a balanced thrown weapon.

    3: I have been in Moscow and seen how they drive there. It is as “road rules/signs are more like guidelines” dangerous as Istanbul or Roma but faster. I hope for these guys that the god of awesome will protect them.

  3. Tom Selleck was too much of a smartass to properly fill the role of Indiana I think, and a mustache like that looks distinctly gay doesn’t it? Try watching the (only) Blues Brothers movie and tell me that the two traffic cops with the mustaches aren’t flaming. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but if homophobic America is starting to catch on that those mustaches are signs of being gay then it’s pretty strongly associated with the movement by now.

    “It gets deep,” I… no. Not gonna say it.

    That custom motorcycle sidecar was awesome, and what they had riding it was more awesome, but they really should have windscreens and belts for everything to keep things from flying if it has to make a sudden turn.

  4. 1) good thing i switched to beard decades ago
    2) ROFLBITC How that red… thing squibbles…
    3) Wrong motor. Diesel gives rhythm and bass…

  5. 1 – Naaaah…stick with the hat, not the ‘stache.
    2 – OK, you know you were thinking “My God, that looks like a double ended dildo…”
    3 – Rock and Roll…emphasis on “roll!”