The Tuesday Videos: Like a Fuppet on a String Edition

This wasn’t the video I initially meant to post, but it caught my attention and I thought it was funnier than the first one. I am pretty continually impressed with what an individual can do in front of their computer that makes for entertaining viewing. Plus I love anything that makes fun of hipsters.

Next, an introduction to the world of the Tiny Fuppets. This entirely original series out of Portugal displays the dizzying heights possible when you combine an awesome imagination with the incredible technical capabilities available in the average 1992 desktop computer.

Bonus: For those of you who may erroneously believe the Tiny Fuppets are a ripoff of another, more well publicized cartoon, creator Arturo Lima has something to say.

Finally a PSA for anyone who thinks they want to build dollhouses. Pay very close attention.

22 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: Like a Fuppet on a String Edition

  1. #1: Wearing your hear like that obviously isn’t very smart…
    #4: That who says “A” also has to say “sshole”…

  2. What! only 13 silly bands on her wrist? So Mainstream…

    Those few who can comprehend the very existence of existencial reality clearly where 42 silly bands, for that is the pure number.

  3. Kevin, every time I think I understand you, you do something like this and I am confused all over again. Was the convenience store out of beer this weekend? I don’t have any beer, but I have some onion rings (way not on your diet). I think you need some alcohol in your blood stream fast because insanity is kicking in. Maybe a little something for what ales you, and look at the lager picture.

  4. No complaint this week. I do think I should give a warning though; two angry hipsters have come closer to beating me up than six guys with hockey sticks did. It was a factor that they were both on some kind of amphetamine at the time. My guess is meth because it’s ironic to imagine them partaking of the drug of choice for rural poor.