The Tuesday Videos: That’s Just SUPER Edition

Sorry! Apparently I forgot to tell this what time to post! All better now!

Real Life Superheroes. Real people, real costumes, and real criminals. Clearly, there is no way this could go wrong.

Of course being a superhero isn’t all TV interviews and kicking teenaged jaywalkers in the teeth. There are some serious issues to overcome when it comes to… costuming.

But that isn’t the REAL reason to stop the “Real Life Superhero” movement. Honestly I was fine with it until I realized we were encouraging bozos like this…

10 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: That’s Just SUPER Edition

  1. #1: What sort of fashion sense can you expect from people copying from a cheap comic book? But if that’s a way to improve the sense for the society… *shrug*
    #2: Yes, let’s club all those people to death!
    #3: Arnie, is that you? Needing some Money after stopping being Gouvernator?

  2. Oh good show, these may be worse than the thing I posted.
    What thing am I talking about? Let me see if the spam-filters will let me post a link a second time on a different thread….

  3. Second video isn’t embedded properly.

    #1: And we thought Stan Lee’s “Who wants to be a Superhero?” was about as weird as it could get…That vest ain’t gonna help much of someone pulls off a headshot…hope he’s real good at ducking.

    #2: Not properly embedded – And I’ll never look at Skelletor the same way again…

    #3: That guy looks at his teleprompter almost as much as Obama.