The Tuesday Videos: Movies to Geek By Edition

This week is all about geek genre movie trailers. The first is for a movie you might not have heard about yet, but you probably will. (I can’t believe I’m featuring a Justin Timberlake movie…)

Next is a movie you might have heard about, but if you haven’t, you definitely should. Summer Glau is really getting around these days. In, um, the good way.

Finally is a film you have almost certainly heard about by now… I just can’t wait to see it so I’m putting it up here. (Will undoubtedly end up being a download.)

22 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: Movies to Geek By Edition

  1. I wonder if anyone protested Kevin’s protest of the protesters…

    Looks like three more movies to add to the Movies I Would Like to See but Probably Won’t Due to Depleted Finances list

  2. The first one is probably the most interesting premise that I have see for a while. I hope they actually work with it, rather than go for guns and violence etc.

    The second seems like it came out in the ‘8Os when there was mass hysteria over D&D and similar. I like the idea of it, but it seems like it was written by some Hollywood marketing people saying things like “How can we cash in on the ‘Geek’ demographic?”.

    I found the third genuinely creepy. I almost feel like watching it just to see how all the disconnected scenes fit together.

    • In Time did look really intriguing. Hopefully it will a good enough concept to overcome a geek audience’s natural distaste for Justin Timberlake. I’m personally still kind of on the fence about Marky Mark.

      • I have no fixed feelings about him. I am not sure that I have seen him in anything.

        That is a common theme with my film watching – I don’t form strong hatreds of actors or avoid films that they are in, just because they are in them, but I might be persuaded to watch one if a person who I have liked is in it :-) 8-<

  3. Having been dragged kicking and screaming a few month agos into the LARP world by my dearest, the second one is a trailer I cannot wait to show her ! Thanks a lot for the feature : )

    On a related note, I was surprised by the gender percentages in LARP when I first started. In tabletop RPGs, it is usually 80-90% men but in LARP it is easily 50-60% women.

    (Ah ! If lonely RPG geeks knew that ! But no, we musn’t tell them πŸ˜‰ )

    Well that is what I saw in Switzerland and nearby France but I understand it is pretty much the same ratio in Europe, what about the US ?

    • I know of two super hot awesome warrior babes who love LARP… sadly I cannot account for the rest.

        • I have been to precisely one, and there did seem to be a good mix. Some of the women seemed to be more violent than the men…

          One lady in particular was a dab hand with a staff – not the sort of lady who gets beaten up for not doing the sweeping.

          • This reminds me of the first LARP I have been to where fighting happened.

            It was a fight between one guy and two women. While not exactly an ally of the guy, I was a sworn enemy of the women and so I joined the fray, thinking 2 vs 2 would be more fairplay.

            Both women were facing away from me… and, being unwilling to hit in the back an unarmored girl 30 cm shorter than me and weighting half as much, I shouted a kind-of battlecry in order to announce my presence.

            Neither paid attention… Puzzled I continued with a “My name is so-and-so, you killed my mentor, prepare to die !” or something along those lines ; )

            They continued to assail mercilessly the guy trying to hold them off so I, running out of time, finally gave a single tentative little tap on the shoulder of one girl with my weapon.

            That got a reaction. She looked at me furiously, shouted her use of a power that cancelled my attack and hit me with all her strength in the leg.

            It didn’t exactly hurt but I was very surprised by her … vehemence.

            Chivalry isn’t dead but it just got its leg cut off ! ; )

  4. I love the concept of In Time.

    Knights… yes, just yes.

    Red state looks neat, at least the trailer is pretty good and I am always up for a slice and dicer flick.

  5. I’ve actually come to like Justin Timberlake, thanks to The Lonely Island fellas. You watch him on SNL a few times and tell me he’s not alright. At least he knows how to make fun of himself. That movie In Time looks intriguing. Definitely an interesting idea.

    The second movie I think I had heard of. LARPing movies seem to be getting more into the mainstream thanks to Role Models. The idea of a spell actually working is pretty sweet though, I’ll have to check that one out.

    I had heard of Red State, but didn’t know what it was about. Looks fucking dark. I’d watch it, but I have a feeling it would be like the time I watched Mr. Brooks. I left it entertained, but feeling dirty for having witnessed it.

  6. “Summer Glau is really getting around these days. In, um, the good way.”
    It’s Summer Glau. There ain’t no bad way. πŸ˜‰

    But Summer Glau pales in comparison to Peter Dinklage, he’s just great, and not just because he happens to portray my favorite character in Game of Thrones.

    ETA: And Bear McCreary is doing the music! I might even check this movie after all…as a d/l, of course, since this is my only mode of watching movies.

    • D/L Download
      D/L Deadline
      D/L Distance Learning
      D/L Driver’s License
      D/L direct link
      D/L Data Link
      D/L Distribution List
      D/L Duckworth/Lewis (method used in cricket)
      D/L Down Link
      D/L Downlist (NASA)
      D/L Deorbit/Landing (NASA)

      I assume, of course, that you meant none of these.

      • “DL” can also be short for “Dielle”, a girl’s name. Or perhaps the slash indicates a first name starting with a “D” and a surname starting with an “L”.

        • Actually, it meant dildo-licking. I only watch movies while licking dildos. You can imagine the trouble I get into in cinemas.

      • Well, Orald has a curious condition wherein he must download certain films to a deadline using distance learning for his drivers license over a direct link to his datalink and inform his distribution list of the latest Duckworth/Lewis figures, to ensure that the people on the down link send the correct telemetry data to the downlist during deorbit / landing, and because that is such a hassle, he doesn’t watch too many movies.


        Two things.

        Firstly, downlist is a thing which only seems to show up on the Internet as the long form of D/L, with little indication of what it means, I got the thing above from “Telemetry Downlist Receiving Site”, so I figure it is something to do with telemetry.

        Second, while browsing I came across one of those dodgy skin care ads with a picture of a normal person, and a photoshopped picture of the same person which had this text:

        Gain youthful skin fast
        Follow these 2 tricks discovered by a woman just like you!

        Ummm, *checks trouser snake*, nope, still male…