The Tuesday Videos:

For our first video, I think it’s only appropriate that we start at the beginning. And by that I mean, all the way at the beginning.

Second is my new favorite song. This popped up on my Pandora rotation and I just knew I had to share. Possibly not work safe, but hey, if your boss doesn’t like it, fuck them anyway.

There are many reasons to watch and enjoy the final video for today, a healthy percentage of which are likely illegal here in the south. Does it speak to our common human condition? Does it bring hope to families who lost their homes to recent natural disasters? Can it shed the light of understanding between cultures divided by hatreds, bigotries, and insecurities? Maaaaybe… but I wouldn’t think so. All I know is that she said she wanted me.

26 Responses to The Tuesday Videos:

  1. I …now believe that the solution to … well, everything may be a dozen scantily-clad smiling asian nymphs…

    Seriously what could resist its power ?

  2. I think that last video might have burnt the dick off half the internet. Amazingly, I somehow noticed a flag with Saturn and Jupiter on the back wall. I think an attack of THAT would pretty much kill all our space marines.
    Adam and Eve is good but this is my fav fucked up bible cartoon:
    especially considering God just nuked two cities for being gay (and, um, rapists… why doesn’t anyone ever notice that part?)

    • I had been thinking about rewriting some of the bible stories with contemporary language just to highlight how crazed they are in parts. Guess I wasn’t the only one!

    • As I understand it, even the rapist part wasn’t the thing that pissed off the big G…it was the lack of hospitality…the idea that guests should be treated with respect…remember, Lot was spared because he offered up his own DAUGHTERS to the mob to protect his guests.

      Yeah, they miss that part too.

  3. Hey guys. My computer asploded, but now I guess I’m back.


    1) I like the point about the light years / biblical supposition of the age of the Earth. Never noticed that before. Neat.

    2) Man, what is with this song? Maybe it’s because I seem to be the token straight guy in a group full of non-straights at the college, but I knew about that song a forever ago. Suddenly, it’s popping up every where. Also, in my experience: lesbians like it more than straight guys who like it more than gay guys (no relevant data on straight girls).

    Oh, right. Well, uh. Kevin, I bet you will like these two:

    3) Japan, man. Japan. Did you link that to us an age or two ago? If not: Japan, man. Japan.

    • Pretty sure I’ve linked both of those at one time or another. The girls’ song “Turn for the Douche” was when I first saw them. Lena and I watched Big Man Japan. I thought it was awesome, and she hated it.

    • Actually the light years-age of the earth dichotomy isn’t that big a deal — a “special creation” could include lifgt stream data as if the universe was older.

    • #3 It is simply the governement protecting you. I seem to remember an article I read about how japanese pop music causes lethal seizures for 7% of the german population. They just don’t want to take the risk anymore.

      For us Swiss it is ok, “Live fast and die young” is the well-known motto of our country.

  4. I liked the 1st clip very funny, 2nd clip was cute and so was the girl. But the 3rd clip should be banned! All those sweets are bad for us diabetics!

  5. Hey, that girl band… I saw a video on them and how they made a lead singer who was a computer generated algorithm of a bunch of the other girls of the band. Did I see that here in an earlier post? Seems the original video was deleted. for those interested in what I am talking about here is an article.

    I really can’t tell the fake from the real ones. cgi is getting so close to the reality it’s… uncanny… (valley)

  6. I’ve been dredging through a lot of old films I used to love and found one that kinda fits into the theme of “fake” people (or in this case fake adults)…anyone here remember Bugsy Malone? (For those who never saw it, it’s a gangster movie with a cast made completely of kids…a really neat idea for a movie, espeically for the 1970s…)