The Tuesday Videos: L. Ron Hubbard Fished My Grampa Edition

First off is sort of a mood piece. I’m not sure what the lesson is supposed to be, but I took it to be a parable on never trusting your relatives.

Next is a bit longer fair warning, it’s 8 minutes 50 seconds, but I got kinda mesmerized. For anyone who’s ever wondered what all those anti-Scientology yahoos are on about… this pretty much answers the question.

For the last video, just remember that the funny isn’t when the announcers are laughing, the funny is when no one is laughing.

19 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: L. Ron Hubbard Fished My Grampa Edition

  1. #1: nice cape; perhaps you have to be ripe enough to achieve happiness…
    #3: fish and ducks are easier with shotguns…

  2. re #2 – I’m old enough to remember Hubbard’s farcical efforts to divorce Scientology from Dianetics.

  3. Why oh why can’t my news be more like that. It is fun, interesting, has a good sense of humor, and isn’t constantly showing me doom.

  4. Ah, Scientologists…only slightly better than the Moonies…but hey, what can you say about a religion literally founded on Science Fiction?

    Why doesn’t George Lucas make a religion based on The Force? Wouldn’t YOU like to be officially a “Jedi?”

    • Umm, Elfguy?
      There are several ‘churches’ based on interpretations of ‘the force’, in the US, NZ and the UK that I know about, probably other places too. They’re serious, know the basis of the trappings of their religion are completely fictional, and believe there’s something to ‘the force that is produced by all living things and binds them together’ anyway. I don’t think many of them believe in Midiclorians (sp?) though. Google it.

        • Point. Lucas isn’t guilty of Hubbard’s Syndrome. One wonders, though if he is of Frankenstein’s.
          You know, growing to hate your own creation and how it has come to occupy your life that you try to kill it.
          That’s why Arthur Conan Doyle sent Holmes and Moriarty over the cliff. (But money talks, and eventually he brought him back to life.)
          At least the HOLE got to retire. But then, I don’t think Kevin hated them.

          • To be fair to ACD, he didn’t actually have Watson witness Holmes and Moriarty fall over the cliff, but try to deduce it using Holmes’ methods of deduction (and Watson has never been the sharpest tool in the shed) – This left him an easy out if he ever wanted to bring him back…

    • Yep. That’s exactly what Hubbard did. Learned some shit then started a religion based on ‘the force’. Then he started fucking everyone. Elfguy it’s weird when we end up in agreement.

  5. I was really hoping a shark would pop up behind that guy and eat one of those ducks. Right in the middle of him saying he didn’t believe a shark was in the water. That would have been awesome!