The Tuesday Videos:

Since there’s been a lot of firearms chat lately, I thought I’d put up some videos of other, less affected, gun enthusiasts.

In this first video, we see demonstrated rule one of gun safety: the end with the hole in it goes towards the bad guy. (While you’re there, can anyone figure out who it is this cowboy wishes he was shooting at on the poster?)

I’m not certain if there’s any kind of correlation between this type of video and cowboy hats, but if I ever end up at the shooting range, I’m leaving mine at home.

Of course, maybe the other end of the gun isn’t exactly safe either…

Not all shooting accidents result in injury, however. (I just know this would be me…)

So, I was going to end this with a video of an archery accident and crack a joke about the more things change and all that, but the truth is, though there are plenty of vids of people accidentally getting shot with arrows, they’re a lot scarier somehow than the friendly little bullet in the foot or happy teeth cracking recoil fun, and just not at all funny.

We’ll just hope that FPS Russia guy never shoots himself in the foot with a grenade launcher.

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  1. I dunno, I hope someone shoots themself in the foot with a grenade launcher and it goes on Youtube. It’s just about the only kind of video there is that has a fair chance of calming down generalized (and particularly American) gun lust.

    • I sincerely doubt it. That’s like saying that showing people videos of horrific car crashes will cure street racers of wanting to drive fast on public roads.

      Inside all of us is a little voice that tells us “I’m too smart for that to happen to me. I’m too good at this for that to happen to me.”

      • I agree with Ron. I know I didn’t post any of these to “make people think twice” about gun ownership. That boat has already sailed. I just posted them because they’re funny.

        • You’re both right about the person themself. Now, when their significant other/family member who never really liked guns that much sees this, who knows just how much of an idiot they really are (just like pretty much everyone else)….

    • A: Grenade launcher grenades don’t arm within the casualty radius of the grenade. (It used to be 5 meters on the Vietnam era 4mm high-explosive grenade. I dunno for sure what it is now.) This is to prevent the grenade from detonating in the event that you… say… I dunno… shoot yourself in the foot with it.

      Since the explodey bits of the grenade isn’t going to function, then it’s just a really big, really slow bullet.

      B: The guy in #1 had trained himself to do the final lift on the weapon with the trigger. This is sloppy, stupid and dangerous, as is fairly clearly demonstrated.

      People think, “practice makes perfect.” IT AIN’T SO!!

      If you practice sloppy, stupid and dangerous, you just get sloppier, stupider and dangerous… uhhh… dangerous…er.

      Perfect practice makes perfect.

      Third: There are rules to shooting, just like there are rules to driving, electrical repair, and… and… anything that people do that’s dangerous themselves and the people around them.

      Shooting’s Big Five are:
      1) Never point the weapon at anything you don’t want to destroy.
      2) Keep your finger OFF THE TRIGGER until you’re ready to fire the weapon.
      3) Be sure of your target and what’s behind it before you fire your weapon.
      4) Keep all firearms unloaded until you are ready to use them.
      5) Unless the action is open and you have your little finger actually in the chamber, the firearm IS LOADED. Treat it as such.

      These rules provide overlapping coverage, so if you forget one ot two, the others keep you safe. If the guys in these videos had been following ANY of these rules, the videos would be much boring… uhhh… boring…er.

  2. Video 1: I’m not even sure what the hell this guy was even doing. Some kind of “close-range threat” drill? Fast drawing is dangerous, and his technique needs work, obviously, since he pulled the trigger as soon as the barrel cleared the holster. Fast drawing should be practiced with an unloaded firearm until you’re comfortable with it before trying it with live ammo, IMHO.

    Video 2: Not sure exactly how this happened, since we don’t get to see the accident. But I’m sure it’s just another variation of someone mishandling their firearm. The number one rule of safe firearms handling is to assume the gun is ALWAYS loaded. Second rule is don’t put your finger on the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. Third rule is don’t point the gun at anything you don’t intend to shoot (because the gun is ALWAYS loaded). Follow these rules to the letter and we would have a lot fewer accidents with firearms. I’d bet good money this kid broke one, if not all three, of these rules. Note: my numbering of these rules isn’t necessarily the order of priority, just the order I chose to discuss them.

    Video 3: Never hit myself in the face with recoil, but I did scratch my hip up once because I wasn’t properly braced and prepared for the shotgun to kick like it did. My injury was actually from my own fingernails being forced into my skin and not from the direct impact of being hit by the shotgun.

    Video 4: Now that’s pretty gangsta, amiright?

    Remember kids, the most important firearm safety mechanism is your brain. Use it, and you’ll be okay.

    • Regarding Kevin’s question about who the guy in Video 1 is wishing he was shooting at?

      Looks like a generic “bad guy” target to me – I don’t believe it’s meant to represent anyone in particular, aside from the model who posed for the photo. While most “bad guy” targets are line drawings (with an almost cartoon-ish quality to them), a few can be found with photos of actual people. I’m guessing the intent here is to make a live-fire drill as realistic as possible by putting a real human face on the target.

      Edit: Aha! Found it.

      • Thanks, Ron! I was wondering if he was trying to make a particular point with his target choice, but this makes more sense.

        The kid who shot his toe is… well, a kid. Teenagers in particular have impulse control issues, due to their brains not being fully developed yet. (My personal theory is that this is a racial survival mechanism promoting a spread of population in order to minimize resource depletion. Teenage stupidity encourages fights, which forces kids to leave home.) If there is any general class of people in all the world who might not ought to be given guns to play with, it’s teenaged boys.

        • Yeah, without guns in the hands of young men there wouldn’t be half so much armed forces, police, gun-nuts, bank-robbers and other people you don’t want to have pointing guns around having guns to point around. I like this idea.

    • Here is the full-length version of Video 1, with an explanation from the star of the video himself on exactly what went wrong.

      To sum up, in case you don’t care to watch the whole thing (warning, there is a shot of him with his pants off to show the wound), he was practicing that drill with two different sidearms that day, each with it’s own “retention” holster. A retention holster is designed with a mechanism intended to keep the firearm locked in place until the owner needs it. This is to keep an assailant from wresting your sidearm from your holster and using it against you during an attack. The problem? One holster uses a thumb release, the other uses an index finger release. He had a brain fart and forgot for a second which one he was drilling with.

      • OK, cuz my thought on watching his posturing was this is proof positive that guns and alcohol are like boats and alcohol (or cars or chainsaws or…) Pure Darwinism in action. I have an uncle, a dry alcoholic, who wasn’t dry while praciticing a quick draw one night and shot himself in the leg.
        I was watching the third one, and when he brought it up to his shoulder, I thought wait, that’s a right-handed shotgun and he’s … yep.
        Teenagers are fine with guns. I was. Teenagers should very seldom be allowed to handle guns without an experienced adult present. At least until all three of Ron’s rules and a few more are as ingrained as the rules of the road.

    • A link in one of the other clips has an expanded version of clip 1 with an “explanation”. He says that he was using what sounds like a fast draw assist device; he switched guns to one that had its safety at that location.

      Ron’s post of the full clip came up while I was typing.

      • I’m certain that if there were a video on YouTube showing me shooting myself in the leg I’d have plenty of explanations as well.

  3. Well, what do you call someone who shoots themselves in the testicles?

    A gun nut.

    …Or something like that anyway.

  4. I’ve been shooting plenty of times in my life, and there have been times when some idiot friend of mine almost shot himself, but thank god it’s never happened. I’m as safe as I can be with a gun, I always try to treat them with the utmost respect, but not everyone I go shooting with treats them that way. It’s a little scary to see people actually shoot themself. I fired my buddy Nick’s shotgun, which is just like the one in video three the last time we went shooting. I damn near hit myself in the face with it. Those pistol grip shotguns were not meant to be aimed like a regular shotgun. One of the links that popped up after one of the videos was of a guy who fired his gun and the bullet ricocheted back and grazed his head. If it had been an inch or so lower he probably would have been killed. That’s some scary shit. And as for the videos of people getting hit with arrows, I kinda want to see that. But I really don’t. I’m not sure if my curiosity will win out over my disgust.

    • There were a lot of vids I skipped over because they were just kind of horrifying. Real mood killers. My have is still the guy who loses his pants. Best gun accident ever.

    • Alright, thank you, I will notify the appropriate authorities of this emergency. Hopefully they’ll put it back down for good this time.