The Tuesday Videos: Zero Gravity Gulch Edition

Roller coaster safety is fun with Patrick Warburton! The Tick makes anal leakage cool.

Next we see what happens when stupid people are allowed to make laws. For a little background, Orlando passed a law saying that no one may feed groups of more than twenty five homeless people in a public area, within two miles of City Hall. This has handed a wonderful opportunity for opponents to make the lawmakers look stupid, even though there are a dozen organizations who manage to feed homeless folks in this area legally. The following is one such fellow, commenting on all the people who have been recently arrested (28 last time I looked, probably more now) for feeding kids in the park.

And lastly, for those of you who thought that Vader didn’t have enough crap to contend with trying to force push around one VW automobile, comes the unofficial “sequel”. Stupid rebels. You just don’t fuck with the Spaceman in Black. Oh, and some crap about the environment, too.

34 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: Zero Gravity Gulch Edition

  1. To those of you with a HOLE-shaped… hole… in your daily routines, I present to you:

    This webcomic! It’s a lot like HOLE, in that it’s fantasy, pretty funny, and has a lot of tits.

    • Aww. Yeah, I already knew it. It has moved from light-hearted jokes and short character arcs into massive story arc over the years. And character death. Boy, does it ever.

      Definitely not work-save. Lots of nudity, goblins, 1st edition orcs, evil lesbian drow, and torture on the stretchy thing.

      • Yeah, I’ve got to say the character deaths aren’t handled particularly well. They should be these momentous occasions, and it’s all “oh no he died, that’s awful, NEXT PLOT ITEM pl0x”

  2. 1st video: Not embedded, but: meh. My favourite part was the graphic sexual anamatronic displays.

    2nd video: That guy was pretty good on his feet for that satire he was pulling off. Props? “I think they should be allowed to use lethal force against ANYBODY who feeds the homeless, because it is a vicious, vicious crime.”

    3rd: I still hate kids. And that was the worst public message ever. The bad guy wasn’t portrayed as the antagonist! I only knew that there was some connection between wannabe Vader and the Volkswagon because you had mentioned VW in the prevideo blurb.

        • Depends which of them is responsiple for my lack of observation skill and/or intelligence.

          Turns out there is a row of fast keys/shortcuts up there where F1 and his brothers live.
          (I never use them, it seems like cheating.)

          Turns out that one of them mutes the speakers………..(headdesk)

          My only consolation is that i figured it out BEFORE spending a fortune on new speakers and soundcard, only to have an overpaid techie laugh his head off and pressing a button. 😐

  3. Gotta love the Whacky Envoronuts…fighting a trace gas that’s generated by animal respiration that, even if we burned every single ounce of combustible material on the planet, would still compose less than 1% of the atmosphere and have negligible effect on the temperature…

    So go out and buy those toxic Twisty lightbulbs everyone! Everyone needs more mercury in their life, not to mention really bad lightbulbs that burn out way faster than normal ones (I’ve timed em…the life on those bulbs is way WAY less than the hype!)

    • You’re assuming that things can’t have effects disproportionate to their mass…. So, why not? Go ahead and chug some arsenic soup – it’ll make up less than 1% of your biomass!

      Other than that, yeah, pretty much. Things should be done for the environment, but no one’s getting it right.

      • Comparing Arsenic to Carbon Dioxide is as stupid as comparing water with cyanide.

        That doesn’t stop the envirowhackos from using this argument, though.

        Carbon Dioxide is plant food, dummy. And it is a VERY WEAK “Greenhouse gas” – and heavier than air into the bargain (The Greenhouse effect occurs HIGH in the atmosphere, in case you were completely ignornant of that as well) – by FAR the strongest Greenhouse Gas in the atmosphere is…(Drumroll)…Water vapor.

        That’s right…clouds. Haven’t you ever noticed how much warmer it is in the morning after a cloudy night than after a clear night? That’s the Greenhouse effect, and obsessing over Carbon Dioxide compared to water vapor is like complaining about a single grain of sand in a glass of water. Watch and Learn.

    • Seriously? My experience has been the opposite — the twisties last WAY longer. That’s almost as much reason we switched to them — tired of changing incadescents every few days it seemed like — as tired of handing so much money over to the energy companies. Our electricity bills are much lower now, too. And it’s not that much hassle to save the dead ones, few as they are, and take them to the recycler instead of thoughtlessly tossing them in landfill-destined garbage like we did the incadescents.

      Now if I could talk my wife into a Smart Car, I could smile at the poor, bankrupt oil companies too, not to mention the sheiks who sell us oil while supporting the enemies of western-style democracies everywhere.

      • Oh, on that. My bedroom’s lightbulbs have not been changed since I moved in here. They’re those “twisties.”

        I moved in here… 3? years ago. It’s been a while.

        • I installed a dozen of those stupid things a year ago….NONE of them are still working…every single one burned out.

          LEDs are the way to go if you want REAL energy savings in bulbs you don’t have to call in a hazmat team if they break.

          • Sure, and as soon as enough rich people buy them to bring production up enough to bring prices down, I will.

          • I dunno. It would be sort of fun to see a hazmat team swing into action. I haven’t seen that before. 😀

          • I still have bulbs burning that I installed when those things first came out. I replaced my incandescents about once a year. I think the fault may be with your wiring, Elfguy. (In fact, since switching over years ago, I can only recall one bulb ever burning out.)

              • For your bulbs get twisties if it’s on for hours, incandescent if you turn it on and off a lot, like bathroom lights. Twisties can’t handle that and you might actually lose money overall through shortened life on that expensive (and, environmentally, resource intensive) bulb. More importantly look into energy efficient ajor appliances, especially heating, AC and fridges. These consume way more power than light bulbs.

                So far LEDs are more expensive than fluorescents and not any more efficient. They’re getting cheaper though. They’re especially good for flashlights and other small lights since tiny incandescent bulbs are extra inefficient and fluorescents don’t come that small.

                Computer power supplies are fairly good at converting and filtering power so you wouldn’t notice a wiring problem. Other appliances might slow down, if it were even noticeable. Who knows if it’s that or poor quality bulbs or turning the light on and off a lot.

                • What makes LEDs better is, LEDs are virtually unbreakable. I have never, EVER seen an LED burn out. Plus, an LED doesn’t need a vacuum or special gas to operate (thus no need for a sealed bulb)

                  So the bulb may cost $50.oo, but you will most likely never need to replace it.

                  And it is, in fact MUCH more energy efficient than either Florescents or Incandescents. An LED can be powered by a watch battery…try that with your F or I bulbs.

                    • Not sure what LED bulbs you guys are looking at. The ones Iknow of have terrible light compared to an incandescent.

                      Also I think you save more money with cheap bulbs you replace once a year compared to very expensive LED bulbs. I can get a 6 pack of regular 60 watts for ~$5.00. That is pretty good for a year of light for $1.20. So it would take roughly 45 years to recoup the cost of a single $50 bulb. I think if you leave your lights on All the time they can be worth it, but my house has lots of windows so they are only ever on a few hours at night.

                      I guess don’t buy into the Environmental hype?

                    • Well the C-Crane bulbs come up at the top of the search engine results…and it’s not the cost of the bulb that’s what makes them efficient, it’s the wattage…7 watts gives you the equivalent of a 60 watt incandescent (yeah, 60 watts isn’t a lot of light compared to 100 Watt, but you’re reducing your electric bill for that particular light to about 1/8th to 1/10th of what it was.

                  • …and if you are (un?)lucky, the LED “bulb” functions as a nightlight when switched off.
                    Now I know what all those cell phone stations are good for!