The Tuesday Videos: The Peddington Pedophiles Edition

Okay, now it is just possible that the reporter here is trying… just a wee bit… to be a little provoking here. Maybe. So given that we should try and judge what Jeffrey Leonard has to say on it’s own merits.


Video number two is here partly because of the awesome graphical display going on in the background while the song plays. It’s simply beautiful. But mostly it’s here because I just LOVE Norah Jones. If you don’t, you’d likely want to skip past it.

Finally, just because I thought it was funny, (and kinda silly) Bill Maher on one of America’s most misunderstood groups in need.

28 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: The Peddington Pedophiles Edition

  1. To be fair, the Estate tax thing is a matter of principle…it’s double-taxation. The government is taxing money that’s already been taxed at 75% or more when it was earned in the first place.

    • Oh I understand how it’s perceived as not fair, and I do have some sympathy for that point of view. Although I’ve always seen it as income for the heir, and that should be taxed. The guy who earned it is dead, so he really isn’t being double taxed. The money isn’t a person, so it doesn’t actually have any rights regarding taxation, double taxation, or anything else for that matter.

      • So you don’t mind if the government robs your Kids of 50-75% of their inheritance? Why not just make the Inheritance Tax 100% and just render everyone a ward of the state after a few generations?

        • Honestly, I’m in favour of that.

          That money could go into AMAZING social programs. At the same time, it would help break apart the huge wealth gaps – in short, it would mean that all children have the same education opportunities, more or less. And don’t try to tell me that once a few billionaires go down for the count, the governments in question couldn’t budget out better social programs.

          • And who’s going to hire anyone? If everyone is a pauper and a ward of the state, there won’t be any employers. This is why Communism doesn’t work. With no possibility of ever accumulating wealth, there is no incentive to do anything but be a slave to the state.

            • No, I don’t have a problem with the government taking an estate tax, since I don’t consider it robbery. If someone gives you money, that’s income. Income tax is the way we roll, so it hardly seems fair that income arriving from one source should be protected more than another source.

              And I hardly think that estate tax is going to keep wealthy people from being wealthy. They are wealthy because they make money, not because they run around inheriting it from everybody. (And if that is the only reason a person is wealthy, I hardly have a problem with the government taking a bite out of that too.)

              • Yeah riiiight…they “make money” – except when their income tax rates are increased to the point where they can’t…then who is going to pay the salaries of everyone else?

                  • Then you haven’t been paying attention…have you any idea how many companies have moved overseas because they can’t make a profit in the US?

                    You see, the purpose of rich people is not to act as cash cows for government redistribution, it’s to make money and hire people to make more money.

                    If they can’t make money, they can’t hire people. It’s so simple even a kindergardener can understand it.

                    • They can’t make money in the US because if they want to hire someone they have to import them from overseas since anybody with a useful education is already employed (shitty, underfunded American public school system and ridiculously overly-expensive post-secondary school system). Once they have employees they keep being bankrupted and destroyed by emergency health expenses (no proper socialization of costs of healthcare). American telecommunications and especially internet service is vastly overpriced and performs poorly (telecom monopolies and no public ownership of essential communications infrastructure to prevent overcharging) and American transport systems are lacklustre at best (over-reliance on cars with underfunded train and public transit systems) which further hampers their ability to make money since it’s too slow, unreliable and expensive to move people and goods.
                      American business can’t make any money because American taxes are TOO LOW.

                    • You have it exactly backwards. The reason medical expenses are too high is NOT because taxes are too low (Can 50+% be too low? Only if you’re severely mathematically challenged) it’s because we need Tort Reform. Implement “Loser pays” for Malpractice lawsuits and medical costs would plummet.

                    • I don’t think he said that health care was at all related to tax rate. Also, states which have passed tort reform have seen zero change in health and insurance costs.

                      Still haven’t heard of anyone becoming unable to turn profit because of income tax… which only taxes your profit.

                    • While Elfguy makes a assumable point, its actually more like this. The “owners of the companies” (henceforth refered to as MoneyBags.) have a simple choice, either pay the people in thier countries to do thier job’s being forced to pay a acceptable minimum wage, and other such “money sink’s” . OR, move the factory to a poor country, having to pay less for virtually all aspect’s of it.

                      And having even MORE elbow room to bend (or simply break and ignore) the rules.

                      Any self respecting Moneybag will do it, hell, they are milking anything they can.

                      Pardon my poor English. 😀

                • If you have 100% estate tax you don’t need income tax – all capital is eventually returned to the state and used for the greater good of everyone. There are only two certainties in life, death and taxes, seems sensible to just marry them up. There’s something there for both liberals and conservatiives – a well funded state and an end to income tax.

                  It’s nonsense to say everyone will be paupers. People will still have the ability to create wealth for their own benefit and use it during their lifetime, they just have to be smart about how much they gift before they die and how much they keep for their own needs, and risk being left with when the music stops.

                  I imagine the majority of Americans (those below, on, or just above the poverty gap) inherit very little if anything so they lose nothing but benefit from the boost in state support. The only people who should be alarmed at this proposal are the freeloading liggers who look forward to a life of idleness based on the fruits of their ancestors. But I imagine even they have all the advantages that their parents money could give them during their parent’s life time – expensive education, business training etc – denied to the majority of good hardworking folk. If they make use of those advantages, they will make their own wealth. If they don’t, well they get everything they deserve, just like everyone else.

              • people dont “give me money” (except as gifts, which arent taxed except overly large amounts).
                They pay me for the portion of my life I spend filling their wants & contract.

            • Your parents would have their money, so no, not very many people would be “pauper[s] and ward[s] of the state.”

              You have to realise that goods and services would switch to reasonable prices. Property would not continue its remarkably high prices right now, because, you know, no one could PAY those prices. Furthermore, I find it highly unlikely that a 100% tax would be unreasonable and kick people out of households just because their grandfather died (or whatever).

              And lastly, why would people not get hired? That makes no sense to me. You’re basically saying poor people can’t get jobs. Uhhh. That’s part of the problem this would help erase – it would be a much more merit-based society than it is at present, but this in no way diminishes CURRENT capitalism.

              In fact, I would say it would be more capitalistic. The truly skilled, or talented, or courageous, or whatever people would make more money, instead of a snobby upper class that hasn’t worked in 8+ generations and has (or will be) living off of some ancestor’s assets. This is the whole point of capitalism, no?

  2. I dunno, I’m so not clicking on the first and third. The first one sounds like something Nash of Radio Dead Air would facepalm at on his WWFIWWY vlogs about insane news stories.

  3. I’m bothered by the bias shown in the first clip. Specifically the presenter taking issue with the subjects books being shelved by two of Australia’s major libraries. I suspect those libraries are required under their charters to include all Australian published material; I further note that the piece does not claim this material to be openly accessible.

      • The reporter bias really made the video grating to watch. It’s like watching a Bill O Riely show.
        I have to say that dude while I morally find him a disgusting human being, I sort of respect him for actually standing up to the reporter. I respect that he willing to fight to do away with child sex laws in Australia. Instead of whining about a perceived problem he is actually doing something about it. There have been reporters here in the States that would pester people and they would really just run away from them or claim their right of silence.

        I wonder how far the reporter went with his interviews with the neighbors. Did he tell the entire community of the pedo in their midst. Were his actions overstepped the bounds of his professions?

    • I thought it was hilarious that he called someone who claims to have had sexual intercourse with a consenting 16 year old a pedophile.

      Protip: significantly younger than you + sex = creepy. Has not yet hit puberty + sex = pedophile. NOT THE SAME THING.

  4. I see (and hear) what you mean about Nora Jones. Beautiful voice. Couples with the graphics, one of the best tributes to Cash I’ve ever seen.

  5. Yes yes, stop persecuting the “job creaters”, by cutting taxes on the ultra rich we allow them to create jobs, etc. They’ve had these tax cuts for ten years. By that logic we should be drowning in jobs by now. It doesn’t work. FDR’s New Deal worked because the gov created jobs. Obama won’t be doing as he works for the ultra rich. Don’t tell anybody.

    Kevin, the dude’s name is Geoffrey not Jeffrey. He publishes as Geoff Leonard, his book on Amazon is called Lost. I am of two minds about this guy… on the one hand he is being persecuted more than he deserves. On the other hand he has been trying to pick up choir boys at the local cathedral (yah rly)
    Clearly, this guy will someday do it again. The dude is bad, but IMHO not as bad as Dominique Strauss-Kahn who has beaten rape charges from several different women. He can afford to pay for sex anytime he wants but he rapes instead, and I’m sure he’s already struck several times since he was released.