The Tuesday Videos:

If someone had made up this next video as a funny bit on a spoof product, it would have been brilliant enough. The fact that it’s not a spoof just makes it all the more amazing.

Boring hot dogs? You’re doing it wrong.

Next is another real commercial, illustrating what happens when a company thinks they’ve paid someone like (king of torture-porn) Rob Zombie enough to sell out.

Housewives, meet Detergent Face.

Last week I mentioned the newish Weird Al video, Perform This Way. I thought, for the one or two of you out there who might not have seen it yet, I’d throw it up and let you take a look. Then you can decide whether or not throwing up is the appropriate reaction.

30 Responses to The Tuesday Videos:

  1. As usual: someone interferes with germans wanting to have fun with Al.

    Wurst advertising for the Hot Dog man.

  2. 1. I had this weird desire to go vegan. That was WAY to insistant that what i need to complete my life is some sort of plastic thing which cuts holes in sausages…

    2. But, mr Woolite Company, what if i LIKE to torture my clothes??

    3. More like Gaga than Gaga…..

  3. I can see it now… millions of uprising hot dog men marching on the capital and making us their slaves. This is why cloning is bad. I’d totally buy the ketchup and mustard monsters.

    2nd vid, Woolite just became awesome.

    3rd vid, after throwing up a little, please tell me that they edited his head onto a womans body for the video? It is funny… and I know Al is weird (pun!) but it is just creepy.

    • I was thinking the same thing about the Weird Al vid.

      The song was not to what used to be his usual standards.

      But I did like the Madonna lookalike. Might be one of his dancers from the remake vid he put out for like a surgeon a few years back

    • Well, most of the time the head looks too big for the body. So, yes, your assumption seems legit.

      • Well yes, of course it was an effect, which was why it was so creepy/funny. Your braid can’t decide whether to be attracted to the dancer or repulsed by Weird Al’s face sitting on top of it, with the end result that run away, shaking your head and sobbing.

        I felt like it was entirely typical fare for Mr. Al, very cleverly poking fun at some big new star while imitating their style to a ridiculous degree. This is exactly what, and how, he has always made his living. I don’t think it is particularly better or worse than any of his other efforts. (Maybe more expensive though.)

        While I don’t know this for sure, I’d bet that the Madonna look-a-like was actually the dancer we see throughout the video with Al’s Head. That would be nice if they let her show her face for a moment.

    • Yeah, a good drag queen can do some amazing things with tape — a little skinny friend of mine could produce nearly that much cleavage, but most of his body (and the tape) would’ve had to be hidden. And that bounce behind the unfortunate pixelating, that looked real.

  4. If you buy a red Hot Dog Man, they will send you a yellow Hot Dog Man for free; they don’t say what difference the plastic’s color makes.

  5. 1: What was it the late great Carlin said? Nail together two things that have never been nailed together before, and some schmuck will buy it from you.

    2: Seen it…neat idea for a commercial, if a bit creepy.

    3: Come on, who doesn’t love Weird Al?

  6. Goddammit but I love Weird Al! The best part of his videos is that he spoofs the actual video most of the time. I haven’t seen Born this Way’s video, but now I want to go check it out. I’d heard Perform this Way the other day because I have a Weird Al station on And I love it! He was the first concert I ever went to and I’m happy to say so.

    Anyway, going backwards I guess the second vid was awesome, if totally creepy as fuck. Best laundry soap commercial I’ve even seen.

    And the first one was just… I don’t know. It was a spot for a product nobody wants so what can I expect? I’m sure my kids would want it if they saw the commercial, but if we actually got it they’d never use it but maybe twice. It looks like something you could find hanging on the unnecesary rack at a supermarket. Or at the dollar tree.

  7. Oh man that Rob Zombie commercial is so never getting used:D It’s kind of ironic for weird al to make fun of someone for wearing silly costumes all the time but pretty funny, especially the madonna inserts. Nice finds Kevin!

  8. Screw the Happy Hot Dog Man. I want the ketchup and mustard thingies! My boys would eat anything I put in front of them if a yellow demon squirted mustard out of its nose all over it.