The Tuesday Video: Leia! Don’t Eat That! Edition

Special note before we get started, Book Four: White Smoke Mountain is now available in the bookstore. (Link lower right.) As always, there is a special print-only feature to reward true fans who need to hold a comic in their hands… a short story with the ever-popular baddie, Swillsberne Rocshlassen!

With all the attention Weird Al has gotten, it’s easy to forget that he’s not the only one out there making parody videos of Lady Gaga. The Mutant Master of Magnetism has something to say as well.

Um… I uh… I guess I apologize? I don’t think this is a hoax or a joke. But I also don’t think it’s super-recent, so hopefully it has already died on the vine. I really, really hope.

I only have one thing to say about this last video. I fucking knew it all along.


22 Responses to The Tuesday Video: Leia! Don’t Eat That! Edition

  1. The 1st one is funny.
    The 3rd one is epic. (Although the costumes could be better, given how many Stormtroopers run around at conventions.)
    I’m afraid to click on the 2nd one.

  2. #1: a really, really nice song. without claws.
    #2: Soylent Red anyone?
    #3: that obviously faked goatee…

  3. @2 – this doesn’t explain how my school had access to this stuff in the mid 80’s

    @3 – Do you ever watch one of these spoof videos and think “actually I really would watch this if they made it.” It would be extra special if they could get George Lucas to direct it!

  4. First Class was an OK movie…we got to see Banshee in action, though he apparently forgot his disabling scream and stuck with flying and shattering stuff…

    Poo Burgers. Mystery Meat from hell. Blech. So this is what scientists spend millions of dollars developing? Turdburgers with cheese? (And here we thought McDonalds had already turned this into an art form…)

    I knew Lucas had to have been swapped out for an evil clone. They couldn’t find a fake-fur chewie mask?

  5. We should totally make the George Lucas strikes back- movie! 😀

    edit; Hey, Lena gets my money….

  6. Imagine the possibilities…we could have entirely new restaurant industries here…Hippies can go in for a Dungburger while they get their grey tinted out at places called “Eat Sh– and Dye!” and such…

  7. On an unrelated note: Bunker and Morty on the back of “Running with Broadswords” are mostly hidden behind the barcode.
    Can you provide that page for download?