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  1. Well, this has been one hell of a ride and I’m proud to say I’ve followed this since the fifties. Good work, Kevin, I’ve been entertained thoroughly. You deserve some summer vacation now.

    As for the strip ; true friendship prevails, eh?

    I won’t say “don’t cry ” because not all tears are bad – Tolkien

    • Thanks Alrek. I’d say friendship does prevail. I’ve made some good ones here. 🙂

      You have my permission to color it, Christina! 😉

  2. What a long, strange trip it’s been. I had fun Kevin. I’ll be sure to stick around for the blogs, and I’ll be waiting for that book.

    • I’m glad Tim. It’s been quite an adventure for me too. I think in part this was reliving some of my gaming “glory days,” and I’m gratified to see that others enjoyed it as much as I did.

  3. Hey, that’s Erias and Zombie-Martin’s wagon!

    OK, I concede that art-wise, this ending is equally as good as the fake April Fool one! Well played!

  4. … And they all lived happily ever after.

    The end.

    Well, Kevin it has been fun, I hope your other projects do well too.

    Since I check this before I start work most days, I guess that I will have to start being productive – YOU MADE ME WORK!

    In other news, I guess since you now have time on your hands you can get round to making that cheerleader Fleece? :-):


    I have subscribed to your mailling list, and will probably continue to check this site out of habit anyway, so I look forward to your future projects.


      • Um. I’m reasonably sure that all that ended was the ‘4U City Red’-arc, not all of Sluggy Freelance. ‘Treading Ground’ should be ending today, though.

    • That was the ending to Sluggy’s current arc. If you read the bloggy bit right below the comic, he talks about how he’s going to continue…

      (You had me panicking for a minute there!)

  5. I’ve read the ……HOLE….thing. Wonderful.

    And the music playing….Happy Trails to You……until we meet again……..

    Thanks for the free ice cream.

  6. Thank you Kevin for this brilliant comic. I have and do read many online comics, but this is the first comic I have actively posted on and the first comic I have seen to finish. Thank you for your HOLE of ramblings and thoughts as well as commenting on our (readers) mindless banterings in response to those thoughts.

    I actually feel a loss today, I never did like it when I got to the final page of a book, the good stories never really stop.

    I really enjoy the connection with your viewpoints and character and wish it to continue so I look forward to your future projects.

    • Thank yo SO much for that, Chris. In a world where nothing is unique, I kind of feel like HOLE maybe was a little bit special, in that I actually got to do everything with it (story-wise, that is… I never did sell the movie rights to Disney) that I was hoping to do, AND got to pull an active, participating readership along with me.

      When you read enough of a person’s work, you almost can’t help getting to know at least some aspect of them personally. But when you get to know the people who read what you write personally… well that’s just magical.

      • I can’t imagine Disney ever doing a HOLE movie…in any case, Kevin would have to sell every single character to Disney (That’s the way they work…if a character appears in a Disney film, they own it…or at least their version of it…forever.)

      • If you and Danielle ever happen to visit northern Germany, maybe during a convention or something, drop me a line, Kevin.
        (Although I rarely use the e-mail account anymore which I use here.. .the one that creates that little green monster with the purple belt.)

        • Why the hell did I write “Danielle”? I meant Lena, of course. Feh, my bad memory for names is legendary. *sigh* How embarrassing.

          Anyway, if you two ever find yourself in Germany, pack warm clothes and a raincoat. Unless you visit in the summer, which… can also be rainy, come to think of it, but the summer heatwaves are getting stronger and longer. Nothing compared to Florida, of course.

  7. What a fun coincidence… I got to this strip after setting Google Image-search rummaging for a fairly detailed picture of the Wonder Woman comic makeover outfit, then started back at the beginning of the archives a week ago. And here I am, at the end on the morning of the ending day, in harmony. Sadly, this means I’ve got to find something else to keep me busy; anyone need a coffee now that I’m up?

    • Well I am glad you made it, Peter! That is a pretty funny means of getting here though. (And gods yes. I SERIOUSLY need some coffee this morning!)

  8. It’s been fun a lot of the time, Kevin. ^^ Good job. Maybe we’ll see each other around on the vasty seas of the internet again sometime. Take care and good luck.

  9. Kevin is still in bed. VERY late for sleeping in. He was obviously up reading everyone’s kind comments and feeling the final blow. He mumbled something about 4:00 a.m. He is ready to start another project, but I know he is experiencing some loss over this one. He has really enjoyed working on the comment, the blogs, and getting to know all of you. I’m glad he will still be doing the blog.

    He’s going to be at Ancient City Con this weekend (for anyone in the Jacksonville area) selling books with the REAL Ferris. You should stop by if you can. He’d love to meet you.

    Thank you guys for making this a worthwhile adventure for him.

  10. Nice wrap, Kevin, harking back to the April Fool ending AND the first arc of the story.
    I’m gonna miss this strip. And your twists on RP tropes.
    Good luck on your writing projects. May you succeed.
    Y’know, I’d like to see you and Shamus Young collaborate on a “DM’ing Do’s and Don’ts” project, with anecdotes.
    And yeah, I know collaborations have their own set of headaches. But I think it would be something great if you could get it done.

    • Well it is better than “Rocks fall, everyone dies” as an ending…Wonder if Bartender Bunker will show up in your novel?

    • Shamus is a really good guy, but he’s also an insanely BUSY guy. Still, it would be a fun project. Sort of like a “Robin’s Laws” with stories and cartoons.


  11. “The road goes ever ever on”-J.R.R.Tolkien
    Well, Kevin, when can we expect a sequel? I can see it now-HOLE II-GILF on a stick

    • Given that this is based on real people, that would entail us knowing who Kevin was playing.

      Thinking about it over the last few days, I have a suspicion that he would be the one with the floating cigar…

      • I thought he once let on that he played the tavern owner, the one from the beginning? Or maybe I remember that wrong.

  12. Okay, I’ll try not to take this opportunity to persuade you to attempt another, probably smaller, comic project and instead congratulate you on making it all the way through this one. Count yourself in that top tenth of online comic-makers who actually manage to achieve an intentional ending of a significant comic project, which is by itself noteworthy and praiseworthy aside from your other achievements.
    Have a round of applause from someone too far away for you to hear it.

    • Thanks ac, I honestly appreciate that. I myself have read WAY too many comics that simply petered out, and I did not want my baby to die on the vine without the ending it deserved. It means a lot that you guys noticed… and cared.

  13. I guess that all good things must come to an end.

    A thousand >>Thank You<< for your efforts in lightening our week, Kevin and a heartfelt thanks to Lena for putting up with your and ours antics.
    Oh, and Kevin, i am of course already looking forward to your next brainchild.

    • You touch on a VERY important point here Kroiden. While I really appreciate all these wonderful loving messages everyone is leaving here, Lena is equally to thank for HOLE for everything you have seen here. Not only did she do all the web work, but she also allowed me the time to create it in the first place. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, without Lena, there could have been no HOLE.

      • Hmm, good point.

        Speaking as a web guy, I know that it is sooo much more difficult to build websites than it is to doodle pictures. So I guess three cheers for Lena, the more talented half 🙂

    • Well, I don’t know how much credit I should get for the website. It is a bit canned. I redesigned it several times over the course of 5 plus years and never really did a great job on it. It became more functional than “pretty”. Poor Kevin. He became a red-headed step-child client.

      But, I should TOTALLY get credit for putting up with “I can’t do that. I have to finish the strip!” and “I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking about the strip” for so long. (;

        • Don’t make me send you a screenshot showing you how the comic is overlaid with sidebar-junk down the middle right. At the top of the comic I can read, “2011 KEVIN PE” and then on the other side of the stuff, “FLESSEREARTH.COM”
          It’s a sign that I like your stuff that I’m willing to open “https://www.heroesoflesserearth.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/821.jpg” to see the comic instead of just going away in disgust.

          • At the top of the site, click on “CONTACT” and choose “Problem viewing site” in the subject menu. Follow the instructions there and we’ll see if we can fix your problem.

      • Web-serving is usually more effort than is appreciated by the uninitiated, thank you for putting up with the howling, poo-flinging monkeys that make up the internet (internerd) on our behalf.

  14. Not much I can say here beyond “Thanks for one crazy story!”

    Good luck in everything else you do- I’ve enjoyed following HOLE for the last.. eeesh, I don’t even know how long. See you around the interwebs somewhere!

  15. Thanks Kevin, just re-read from the beginning of White Plume Mountain. I am going to miss the comic. I’ll be watching the blog and Tuesday uploads.

    I’m in one of those secret Facebook groups, the name of which contains the word “Geek”. We talk about our stuff, there rather than entrusting all our conversations to the everyone members have accepted a friend request from. It’s a nice little parlour. Someone asked “Where do you draw the links you repost here from ?”. After a little consideration I replied that it was from a Word-press forum called “Things Bogans Like”, and from here. I hope that this will continue.

  16. Thanks Kevin, just re-read from the beginning of White Plume Mountain. I am going to miss the comic. I’ll be watching the blog and Tuesday uploads.

    I’m in one of those secret Facebook groups, the name of which contains the word “Geek”. We talk about our stuff there, rather than entrusting all our conversations to everyone the members have accepted a friend request from. It’s a nice little parlour.

    Someone asked “Where do you draw the links you repost here from ?”. After a little consideration I replied that it was from a Word-press forum called “Things Bogans Like”, and from here. I hope that this will continue.

  17. Query;

    I’ve tried leaving my email addy for the mailing list twice now, but i have never gotten a confimation e-mail.
    Could you check it, Kevin?

    • Kroiden – have you checked your spam box? I’ve tested it and it is working for me. However, if you don’t see it in the spam box, email me your email address and I’ll hand add it. (:

        • No shame. It happens. Just glad you saw the email. I should probably make a note that says “check your spam box” if you don’t see the confirmation. (:

  18. Aw. Good stories have to be ended before being abandonned, but that’s really sad.

    — I miss Violet. She was the perfect wife for somebody like him (well, that’s also how whe got him, but still).