29 Responses to 820 – Epilogue • 002

  1. The horse looks pissed in panel three.

    But then it is carrying a huge troll that looks like a dwarf.

    • The horse does have a strange expression.

      Hm… Bunker’s new horse apparently is a mare. Poor thing looks rather smallish to carry a paladin in full gear. But it will soon become a holy mount, by virtue of being sat on, sorry being ridden, by a paladin. (It’s like thrones and kings, only the other way around.) Which means a paladin’s shiny holiness is radiated by his buttocks. Which always cracks me up. 😛

  2. Kevin, I just gotta say thanks for the comic. I know theres likely more, but with the wind down I think we should all take a moment to appreciate your efforts. Ive been reading since the double digits with this comic, and its been an awesome ride. Im grateful for your work, and know theres more than a few that feel the same. Few comics get to end the way their writers intended, put you stuck to it, and made something pretty awesome.


    Im still right about the paladins and poison though. Fuck you buddy. Fuck you so much. <3

  3. AWW! 🙂

    Wait, he’s a paladin and he’s buying a tavern?
    Well, that does explain the awful shirt.

    • Don’t fret: Paladins are pretty close to cops and he’s going into retirement, so chances are he’s about to get killed violently.

      • Bunker could become a paladin of Lageron. (Or of Ronson, the god of beer and apathy “The_Gods_of_ArrKelaan”.) Running a tavern would be synonymous to running a temple in that case. They serve spiritual drinks there.
        *runs away as she is pelted with rotten fruit for the awful pun*

        Right now Bunker is a paladin of… hm… you know, I don’t know? Is Bunker associated with any deity, or just a paladin in general? I’m not sure it ever came up, as Bunker spent most of the comic as just a fighter-without-bonus-feats.

        Of course, even if he is a freeform paladin, he should tithe part of the income from his bar to a higher cause. Like building better breweries.

  4. Expedition to the Barrier Peaks? The infamous adventure module? And they’re taking Enkidu? Oh dear… 😉 I guess Enkidu always wanted a lightsaber.

  5. I like Freya better with long hair.

    And why does Enkidu’s chainmail look like a halter top? Wasn’t it a V-neck before?

    Ah well.

  6. …Barrier Peaks… Expedition!!… Ahaha… Kevin you are just awful!

    Or is it just me that took that way too dirty…

  7. Well Kevin im sad to see it end. It was a great run and i enjoyed it a lot.Im looking forward to your next project.