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  1. I get roughly that same response often when I do things that others have declared impossible, difficult or unlikely, “Huh, I didn’t think of that one,” or, “Oh, that should have been obvious.”

  2. All contact buttons are broken.
    Wiki doesn’t work.

    No donations address – congrads on seeing a great project through. Love the ending.

    • I do believe that could be Martin’s de-brained corpse impaled in panel 6. It looks like his nose, and hair… but the corpse still has two hands?

      If that is Martin’s sorry corpse, then Erias chucked the warlock out onto the trash pile and into the moat. Nicely sadistic subtle understatement there, Kevin.

  3. Kevin, there’s an error in panel 2, in Erias’ second speech balloon: “her” appears once too often. Text should read, “I just took her out with an at-will power.” instead of “”I just took her out HER with an at-will power.”
    (You probably started writing “I just killed her with…” and then changed the verb? It looks like an artifact of editing.)

  4. “Within these walls I am essentially a god.”
    …said while standing with his back to an open window that’s leading outside.

    For once, Bunker succeeded on his intelligence check. Or was it a Wisdom check?

  5. Hmm, I sense a similar ending to the Chainmail Bikini webcomic…

    The end is nigh!

    Also, Morty seems to be having fun venting out his grudges.

    Just a thought, Kevin, what would have happened if Erias has been hit with Rustyrazor within the walls?

    • I imagine the result would have been the same. Of course it would have taken a massive feat to successfully stick him with it, as you can be certain that Rustyrazor would be something that Erias WOULD have been on the lookout for.

      BTW, the similarity to Chainmail Bikini was only in the defenestration, which in their case was the result of a gigantic comedic clusterfuck which resulted in the villain and several party members being accidentally catapulted from the wizard’s tower. Tossing bad guys off of high places is a time honored tradition amongst all action medium. It was just as similar to the ending of Die Hard, Batman, or a hundred other movies, TV shows, books, and whatnot. The difference is in how you do it.

      • I was just trying to re-live the moments of CB, since it didn’t get illustrated fully, this is about as close as I am going to get to seeing it.

        Thanks for that.

  6. There was a boom in the windowmaker industry the next few months, as several presumtive Darklords took note of their fellows demise and had security windows installed. It also helped their economy as heating costs were cut in half.

        • There was a boom in the construction industry the following week, as remainders of the DbDA(Down below Darklords Association) had a free-for-all-fireballing at Dungeon Constructors inc. Next weeks Dark Lord Demensne special will feature the Yurt, home of the shamanically inclined malcontent, and always a step ahead of the angry mob. What it lacks in actual dungeons, it makes up for with mobility.

  7. Sometimes, life isn’t fair. I actually thought of this solution to the Erias problem, and never mentioned it. 🙁 Oh well, nice to see it was effective as all get-out, and Erias is guaranteed never to return, what with his soul having been devoured and thus destroyed. Poetic justice, after what he did to the only person who genuinely loved him – or so I assume.

    Question: Is there an entry on the Evil Overlord List of Things Not to Do concerning putting your headquarters in the highest room in the tallest tower of your fortress of… heh… doom?

      • It’s a bit of a shock to realize how frail Erias actually was. It’s a wonder he didn’t do himself a mischief during all of his romping with Abraxus/Arabax.

        • Frail? Dude just took 20d10 falling damage (plus the damage from landing on the spike) and was still conscious!

          It wasn’t until Rustyrazor fell on him and destroyed his soul that he died.

          “Frail” indeed.

            • By the word ‘frail’ I was not referring to hit hit point total, but his general build. It doesn’t look like Bunker needed to push all that hard to shove Erias out the window. As I believe Erias has said before, he’s very old… or was, anyway.

                • If what Bunker did was caused by some kind of opposed strength check, even an epic level wizard isn’t likely to have the kind of strength of a middle level Paladin.

  8. I’m really disappointed with this strip, it’s such a cop out.

    I mean, with a title like “Money Shot” I was expecting something different altogether.


    That was AWESOME!

    Of course, now I have to wipe coffee off of my keyboard…..

  10. I have to admit, I was wondering how HOLE could defeat Erias….at least, without somebody offering the DM a blowjob

      • It’s always fair to exploit the tactical idiocy of the enemy as long as you don’t break Geneva Convention, international law, rules of warfare, regulations, orders. local laws and bylaws, speed limits, environmental protection guidelines, unjustifiably-breached taste barriers, budget, timetable, excessive damage, personnel-allowance, protocol and manners, anything significantly irreplaceable, and the point of why you’re obeying all these rules and what you’re trying to achieve in the first place.
        Aside from that short list it’s totally okay.

  11. I’ve thought about creating a webcomic based upon an old D&D campaign I played in a few years back. I played an ogre that was raised by human scholars who were trying to find out if it is possible to domesticate an ogre.

    Think of a friendly, but dumb, giant. Hilarity ensued. xD

  12. Awesome!!

    Though with the comic nearing its end, I’m kinda sad, as I will miss HOLE

  13. This is why badguys shouldn’t reveal their weaknesses to the goodguys. Particularly when standing near a precipice or other area that embodies that weakness…

    Werewolf (Standing beneath a huge silver anvil held up by an easily cuttable rope) Ha Ha! you cannot kill me without a silver weapon! Your throwing daggers are useless!

    • Who would make an anvil out of silver?! You have any idea how much it costs? And why such a soft metal for an instrument that’s supposed to withstand thousands of hard blows a day?