The Tuesday Videos: Vader is NOT a Hipster Edition

Our first video is from an enterprising political action committee called Turn Right USA. They illustrate how extreme politics tends to elevate the conversation, and how the removal of restrictions has proven once and for all that everyone will handle their political messaging with care, responsibility. Also on display is just how much love and respect this particular brand of the American right feels towards blacks, women, and alternate religions.

Past is future. I love that this was able to be done with only actual movie footage, and yet is brought completely into the present. And when you least expect it…

And finally, because no blog entry is ever complete without talking about either Star Wars or Hitler…

17 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: Vader is NOT a Hipster Edition

  1. …because just because a group is called “Turn Right” means it actually IS a conservative group, and not some leftie think tank wanting to smear any actual conservatives with an “unauthorised” advertisement purportedly from the “right”, right?

    Because, you know, Conservative politicians are really into rap music and stuff.

    Pull the other one, lefties…it has bells on.

    • This particular group, (which is all I’m discussing) actually IS an extreme right wing group who was attempting to unseat the Republican incumbent because they didn’t feel that she was conservative enough to represent their attitudes. I take their attitudes as the viewpoint of crazies, however, and not the political right at large.

  2. Well I’m thoroughly convinced to not vote Hahn. Although, since I don’t live in California much less LA I guess it doesn’t mean much. I love the Death Wish movies. Chuck Bronson was such a bad ass. Even if he did have an unironic mustache. Did you ever see Red Sun? One of my favorite movies. And Hitler vs Vader, I gotta give it to Hitler but only because he actually existed. If Vader had been a real dude and done half the shit he did in Star Wars canon then he’d be the most evil sumbitch around. Well, after the Emperor that is.

    • Vader was only(eagerly) following orders! He’s innocent! 😮

      #1: I’m with Elfguy on the first video. While it may be a real smear campaign of a little extremist side-group(they don’t even like the mainstream right-wing candidates it seems), it just feels so wrong to be coming from a real group like that and more like a reverse-psychology smear campaign.
      We could of course just compare Bush Jr. to Hitler again, as this seems to be the funny and cool thing for lefties to do. While a lackluster president at best, comparing him to Hitler not only demonizes him beyond anything he’s done(which many other presidents have done, and worse, and are still doing, yet they don’t get all this crap about it), it also make Hitler etc look much less severe than they were.

      #2: I’d love to see a movie of Bronson killing hipsters. Yep, that’s about it.

      #3: Meh, these rap battles are just not so great. And Tim’s right on the money. Vader’s an asshole who’s responsible for way more deaths than Hitler, so if he was real he might have made Hitler look go…OK, less bad.

  3. You know, I was trying to figure out how they convinced actual black guys to be in that video. Elfguy may be right. Although if it was meant to be ironic it failed… silly hipsters Bronson kills you now! And Jeff Goldblum at the end:D That’s Nice Peter as Vader in that video? I love those guys!

    • Might have just been money, but they might also not have fully explained what they were doing. Turn Right USA is a real group though, and they were actually trying to promote a real, much further-right candidate.

      Oh yeah, Jeff Goldblum outta nowhere, man!

  4. First video: Yep. Definitely racist. Shoulda made them Mexican or Asian gang members instead.

    Second video: I would watch this film.

    Third video: Surprisingly entertaining.

      • Seriously watch Red Sun. It’s a western, but has samurai in it. And actually makes sense. It’s Toshiro Mifune too, who is like the ultimate movie samurai.

        • I checked who this Toshiro guy was, and I have to agree, and I don’t even particularly like samurais. I’m gonna search Red Sun now…both Bronson and Toshiro? Damn!

  5. Love the third vid. Everything nicepeter does is awesome and hilarious. When you have a minute, check out the picture songs that he does- just be sure to not be drinking anything while you do or it’ll be blowing out your nose when he gets going. His Epic rap battles are up to #10 now, and they’re all great!

  6. Went to ask the doctor to send me to a psychiatrist who could give me the authorization to start hormone treatments today, but he didn’t really know what the rules and procedures are so he said he’ll call me back. *sigh*
    And here I wanted to at least get those forms today so I could set up an appointment already.

  7. The end of the Janice Hahn clip ? Did it seem that the solution they were advocating as a remedy was alluded to in the sound and visual effect from the image of the A.K.-47/A.K.-47 clone ?

    One of the very good features of Australian political discourse is the rarity of tacit or overt incitement to commit murder.