The Tuesday Videos: Spock Cooks Metal Edition

Do you have a favorite black metal song? I didn’t before I saw this next video, but now I totally do. Plus… pad thai!

For this next vid, I’d suggest skipping ahead to about 1:15. While it’s tempting to say that the moral of this video is that all actors are whores, there’s something amusing about simply watching Leonard Nimoy expounding on the futuristic wonder of being able to watch ABBA any time he wants, while being completely blasé about the fact he’s discussing it with a talking rock.

And lastly, something a little more classically entertaining for the YouTube generation. Also, a definitive answer to those who ask the question, “How will the internet affect our national psyche?”

20 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: Spock Cooks Metal Edition

  1. (As usual) the first two videos aren’t available in germany.
    If YT would at least leave out the teaser picture in such cases, but nooo…

  2. I wonder if Leonard Nimoy knows he has a doppelganger with an almost identical name?

  3. Ah, the old first generation laserdiscs…before manufacturers realised they didn’t have to be the same size as an LP.

  4. Vid1 started great, got dull, ended great with the “fire of Satan.”
    Vid2. What can I say? I’m old enough to remember when this came out.
    Vid3. The end makes absolutely no sense at all, which makes it more fun.

  5. Against better judgment i actually watched two of these and got far enough into the Nimoy-shilling bit to be seriously annoyed with you. Seriously, he’s probably done more uninteresting shit you shouldn’t see than Sean Connery has and that says something!
    And yes, it does paint a believably depressing picture of the future where people have given up on the idea of ever making sense and have descended into post-literate bullshit full time.
    But I have to say I have the greatest response to the first one. Frankly I got diabetes just from watching that freak use so much sugar. Fuck you internet, I need insulin now because of a bad Youtube video!

  6. Vid 1: amusing concept, absolutely terrible black metal vocals, but whatever. It’s pretty hard to screw up black metal. Very well done, all in all. Ending was awesome.

    Vid 2: Watched less than a minute of it. Opposite of entertaining. My only exposure to a laser disc is from Homestar Runner.

    Vid 3: Oh internets, what hath thou wrought?

    • What hurts my brain is imagining the time when that is what culture normally looks like. Is genocide the answer?

  7. not just a talking rock, an EXTRATERRESTRIAL talking rock. And there was such quality movies like Airport ’77 and Earthquake (both of which I remember seeing on late night TV in the real early eighties. The scene where they opened the elevator and there were skeletons made me think for years that earthquakes strip the flesh and organs off people.