40 Responses to 817 – The Final Adventure • 016

  1. “… and pray I do not alter it any further !”

    Goodbye Tammi, I shall not miss your fashion sense !

  2. A dragon with a hat.


    Also, he is starting to really flex his magical muscles now. What can HOLE do against that kind of power?

  3. Ha, he just destroyed her brain but she never used that anyway. I’d guess odds are fair she’s still in the fight.

  4. Of course, Erias spent three rounds belittling and killing Tammi—three rounds that he wasn’t killing HOLE. A lot can happen in three rounds…

  5. I can but hope that Tammi’s gruesome – and sadly delayed – death gave one of the members of H.O.L.E. the time to do something significant. If so, I applaud the humour of the fact that she wanted them to die for her convenience, but now perished for theirs. :p

      • Mind you, I’m not at all sad to see her go either way. She really squicked me out.
        Not to mention she willingly went with Erias’ whole ‘let’s conquer the world’-plan, as long as she thought she could do it and not get burned. That’s like calling karma a bitch after murdering an orphanage’s population and standing on a hilltop in a barrel of salt water while holding a long copper rod during a thunderstorm. Bound to go wrong.

  6. I read this at work on my phone, but the connection sucks so I couldn’t comment. Now I’m home I have to say when I first saw it I thought “Oh, he went all Kids in the Hall on her ass!” Looks like I wasn’t too far off judging by the comments.