26 Responses to 816 – The Final Adventure • 015

  1. I’d take my hat off to Morty if I had one and had some reason to actually wear it while surfing the net at eight in the morning. Of course it’s a pity that he and Zobbie are still so hostile towards each other…

    Sidenote: Is Morty’s player a man or a woman?

      • Morty is a guy. He is also Bunker’s best friend and was the one to pick up the pieces when Zobbie left Bunker and he became an emotional basket case. He probably could have forgiven her if she’d ever made a serious apology, but y’know, no one holds a grudge like a dwarf.

        • Or a guy who sees an emotionally immature girl break his best friend’s heart and then act as if nothing happened and certainly doesn’t apologize…?

  2. And that ladies and gentlemen is why you should boost your will save. And why if you give commands to people, they should be more specific. See also Rock’s question above, and how it was answered.

    • I just love that Morty is shouting, “Think, you idiot!” which is oxymoronic enough on it’s face, except that he’s also shouting it while he’s bashing in her skull with a roofing hammer. I like it because it was all unintentional when I wrote it, but became immediately ridiculous as I saw it with the illustration.

    • Alan wrote: “And that ladies and gentlemen is why you should boost your will save.”

      Morty did fall under the Dominate spell, too. His eyes show the same “toon spiral of mind-control” effect as Zobbie’s. So I don’t think his cleric will save was high enough after all.

      But as you said, “if you give commands to people, they should be more specific.” and Morty is exploiting that, following the command “kill the heroes!” to the letter of the law, with cold Vulcan logic.

      Personally, this scene seals it to me: Morty is the true hero of H.O.L.E. He has the true hero spirit. And a sensible brain, too.

      Bunker may be a paladin again, doing paladin-y things and looking good in armor, but when all is said and done Bunker simply uses the paladin class abilities the rules give him. A true hero rises to the occasion and is willing to sacrifice himself. Last time Bunker did that it was as a “fighter-without-bonus-feats”, back when he fought Cathulhu and was turned to stone.

      • I hope they manage to beat each other unconscious, though, before Erias notices his blunder, because it would be unfair if Morty and Zobbie kill each other to save the rest, and the rest of the group survives and gets big end-of-campaign XP.

      • Morty’s player is a little older than the rest, too. He is a bit less likely to get flustered when things go pear-shaped.

  3. Hey all… back from my un-announced wedding and vacation.

    I love a good action scene. Glad I didn’t miss the ending.

    • If you look under the raised knee you can see her toe sticking out. The rest of the leg is very lightly suggested behind the motion.

      So, no.

      • Hm, yes. I see it now. It took me a moment to find it, after ranthoron raised the question. Perhaps, Kevin, you can put some texture on that piece of Fleece’s boot sticking out, so that it is more noticable against the background? Right now it’s just an outline, getting lost in the other outlines.

  4. Morty is a clearheaded fellow, isn’t he?

    Still i’m pretty sure he got a measure of happiness from having a justifiable reason to smack Zobbie. 🙂