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  1. Here’s what I want to know- Will rustyrazor still be a soul-sucking sword after the ritual??

  2. No no no, Erias… you can’t put the Sign of Koth and the Seal of Solomon into the same magic circle! And if that is supposed to be an Elder Sign with the flaming eye in the middle, you’re doing it wrong! And Elder Sign is a FIVE-pointed star.

    Come to think of it, you probably wanted to trace a Yellow Sign there instead of the Sign of Koth… they’re very similar to each other. It’s important to know which of the Great Old Ones you’re summoning! So many amateur cultists fail to do it properly and get eaten. In your case, go with Cthulhu, man. You’re both squid-thingies.

  3. It’s almost like he expected it to happen. Like he knew that Tammi would turn on him. Amazing!

    • Who would have expected the sneaky Drow queen to turn on him once his plan was revealed and her lover dead?

        • … and as Arabax told Erias that Tammi was planning to betray him once the ritual was set up but before he could start it…

              • On the other hand, being sacrificed like that without finding out someone truly loves might be worse.

                Would it be worse, or not? That should probably be considered an open question.

                • … If I read the comic correctly, Arabax’ soul is gone. There’s nothing of him left to appreciate anything anymore. Of course, if that turns out not to be true, Erias is in for a nasty surprise if/when he gets killed and hits the afterlife.

                    • Maybe Erias and Elric of Melniboné should start a club. The “I killed my true love with a demonic, black, soul-sucking sword” club. Only Elric didn’t actually want that to happen. But so far, Elric’s kill count is still higher than Erias’.

                  • Is it truly better to have loved and your soul being sucked into an overpowered magic weapon and destryed for all eternity, than to have never loved at all?

                    • I’m gonna go with a big, loud “NO!” to Alan’s question, there. A life pleasantly spent, even without searing romance, followed by an eternal afterlife that is hopefully acceptable to you, sounds infinitely better than hot, steamy romance followed by eternal nonexistence.

                    • @Rock, eternal nonexistence sounds much preferable to what an evil-aligned creature like Arabax would have received. I’m guessing even the demons and devils don’t like hell.
                      Personally, I can’t wait for some of this eternal nonexistence stuff.

  4. A little matter that occurred to me yesterday: if Erias was after godhood, he may not have needed to kill Vecnus at all. Berel’s still dead, and as far as I know, no one has replaced her yet. Maybe that was Vecnus’ planned spiel? He could have given Erias a leg up in the selection process – and presumably screwed him over somehow as well.

      • So? Berel wasn’t goddess of evil, and she still got up to plenty of nastiness in the names of bruised ego, spite and all-around valley girliness. :p Just hand Erias divine power, and he could get up to all kinds of junk, no matter what portfolio he wound up having. “It’s not what your job title is, but what you do with your position and influence that determines your role in the company.”

        • Are you arguing with me about the laws of my own fake universe?

          But your point is well taken. I hadn’t actually thought of that, but events elsewhere in the world did replace Berel with a new god named Shaadess. She’s much more frightening than Berel ever was.

          The truth is that Erias, with the means at hand to eliminate his biggest rival, would never have hesitated to do so no matter what Vecnus might have offered him, or how many openings there might already have been. He just rolls that way.

          • That makes perfect sense. ^^ It’s quick and efficient, and eliminates one more stumbling block for when Erias has his own cloud (or whatever it is the gods of the H.O.L.E.-iverse lounge on when not distributing plagues and thunderbolts), and starts planning to become the solo god of his universe.

            About Shaadess; may I assume she’s more frightening because she actually has a working brain? Because Berel? Let’s just say I doubt Erias could’ve gotten a full meal out of her.

            And to cap it all off: A while back, you said that Erias would know that any version of Arabax he resurrected (i.e., perfect copy, with all the memories and personality) would ‘just not be the same person’. Would Erias really care? He’s already shown that he can be frighteningly pragmatic, and I’m sure he’d like to have some fun once he gets everything he’s been scheming for. He could make himself a whole harem of Arabaxes if he felt like it.

            • It’s an open question as to whether or not Erias would care, and one I deliberately did not answer at the time. I’d like to think he would, but I may be deluding myself.

              And yes, the reason Shaadess is so much more dangerous than Berel is that she has a plan, though fortunately for the heroes of HOLE, she’s other people’s problem.

                • @Ron: ? Did she rise in a campaign you and Kevin are involved with, perhaps?

                  @Kevin: Is Shaadess in this book you’ve announced you’re going to write?

          • @Kevin – “Are you arguing with me about the laws of my own fake universe?”

            Yes. you may have made it up, and it may have internal consistency, but it is still wrong.

  5. Sorry I’ve been away lately, busy at work and had to get ready for yesterday.

    I went to my first pride parade, and it was awesome! 😀 Shouted slogans, waved a big, green flag and had fun. The ex was there, and so was a girl I went to school with.
    Had my picture taken a couple of times, one of them by said girl who was posing people inside a huge picture frame with a bride’s veil, flower etc like they were getting married(mostly lesbian couples, for some reason). I had some girl “propose” to me with flowers, but I took her veil and put it on. 😛
    In short, fun and silliness was had.

    Now I gotta find out where and when they show those pictures… Here’s one of mine.

    • So glad you had fun! It’s always a high to be around that big a crowd of like-minded folks, especially in that kind of festive atmosphere. I can’t read your sign but it looks like you did a great job on it. (I assume it’s more or less what the caption says.)

      • Yes, I translated it. It’s not really mine, the other people who comprised our rather tiny block(it’s sad when so many probably don’t even bother with anything but the “main” parade in Tel Aviv, like we’re not even in the same country…but that’s just a pet peeve of mine) brought it along, they’re mostly all hardcore activists.
        If i survive until next year I plan to prepare a shirt of my own with the transgender sign and maybe a short slogan( I think “WhiteTransgender Power!” would be funny, but I’m not sure everyone will get it or approve of it). A flag of my own would also be nice, but I’ll see about that, still lots of time till then, and a lot might happen in between.

  6. Gotta disagree with Christina, looks to me like you got the Yellow Sign and Elder Sign right on Kevin. Mixed like that I’m guessing reality changing powers of the Yellow Sign with protection of one little thing by the Elder Sign… mebbe a certain deity-to-be? Oh right, it’s just a show, I should really just relax! Plus a wizard really did do it:)