31 Responses to 814 – The Final Adventure • 013

        • Well most likely they eat other things most of the time…the actual brain eating is like humans periodically need some fresh fruit to avoid getting scurvy most likely.

            • … Let’s agree to disagree on that. If brains were like fruit, then mollusc-heads would be able to interact with different species better, and not ogle their skulls all the time.

              • Talking of pure caloric intake, one brain a month just wouldn’t be enough to keep an active man-sized lifeform going…they’d have to supplement it with something else…

                • Maybe they’re not all that active. Maybe they sit around like snakes much of the time. Maybe they’re cold-blooded. Maybe they take sustenance from the ether. Maybe they can stay alive on one brain a month, but it sends them into a coma.

                  You don’t know!

  1. I was going to object to destroying the mere artifacts of the god of death as a means to destroy the god himself. But then I thought about it. If the artifacts are indeed imbued with a portion of the god’s essence, and you use Rustyrazor on them – which obliterates souls – then I guess that might work?

    • That was actually my thinking. The artifact as an extrusion of the god into the “real” world, and Rustyrazor sucking the god’s essence through the artifact.

      • Pity for Vecnus he didn’t think of blocking the straw, so to speak.

        This is also a very new take on the classic concept of the ‘*ll****d slurpie’. :p

  2. One word sums up my response to Vecnus’ speech.

    Are you ready?

    Got your drink? Braced in your seat? Here it comes:


      • See, what I don’t get is that if this guy used to be a wizard before he schemed his way into immortality then why is he doing something so very dumb? If you’re facing some guy holding the kind of weapon that can actually do you harm you make sure that they are not paying attention to you until they have gotten rid of it.

        • Vecnus considers himself the original silver-tongued devil, able to convince anyone of anything as long as he can make them sit still long enough to listen. He is also very assured of his own importance and relative untouchability. There is probably close to a 100% chance that he never even would have considered Erias wanting to harm him.

          • To sum it up: see my previous comment on Vecnus’ speech.

            Dumb. Ass.

            He should’ve seen all of this coming after the decerebration incident, back when Vecnus was still riding Martin’s body. He should’ve kept his yap shut – metaphorically speaking, since he didn’t actually have a mouth at the time he started talking too much.

            Sidenote: Nice to know my commentary drew a chuckle from you, Kevin. 😉

        • That hand and eye obviously lack a brain.

          And you just know that, if there was a “Brain of Vecnus” artifact, some dumb idiot would ask his adventurer friends to open up his skull with a tin opener to exchange his brain with that of the demi-god, thinking he’ll gain all of Vecnus’ spells and power.

          Don’t laugh.
          Just google the “Head of Vecna” story.

        • A wizard’s primary attribute is INT, not WIS.
          Arcane spellcasters can function even if they don’t know how to tie their own shoes or can’t remember if the underpants are worn on the bottom or on the head… just sayin’. 😆 They’re basically walking weapons of mass destruction, if WMDs tended towards metaphysical discussions. As long as wizards don’t start smoking their own books, they’re doing fine.

              • This seems like an awful lot of slander of the intelligence attribute. It’s very necessary for someone to invent the idea of tying shoes on with laces in the first place so nyah.