19 Responses to 813 – The Final Adventure • 012

  1. Sheesh, Tammi. What was your first clue that teaming up with a world-conquering mollusc-head was a bad idea? And for the record, you need to learn to word your meaning better.

        • Hey, She’s Chaotic evil, and a queen. Obviously she’s the most important person in the room if not the whole world, and anyone should be willing to suicidally sacrifice themselves to give her a chance to run away…

          • Sooooo… the drow of the H.O.L.E.-iverse have a hivelike society, with Tammi as the only female capable of birthing new drones? Because I see no other reason why anyone, especially a scheming, backstabbing drow, would want to sacrifice life and limb for her. :p

    • Sounds like Deekin (A Kobold bard henchman) from Neverwinter nights. He has the ‘doom song’, which goes something like this:

      Doom da da Doom, Doom, Doooommmm, hahaha.

      To be honest, I don’t think that Tammi will get very far, even with such a distraction.

  2. Oh, for the love of…who writes this shite!?

    Whom had the great idea to bind Gir’s essence into the blade!?