35 Responses to 812 – The Final Adventure • 011

  1. I would be suprised if I didn’t see it coming. I love how non-chalanant he…she…..it is about it. I see what Morty was trying to do. It worked….kinda. He got him to kill off the horse and thus one less bad guy. But it didn’t buy them anytime.
    Also, the rollover text literally had me on the floor laughing.

  2. Hmm, that seemed a little bit too casual a kill to be someone who he truly loved. Perhaps he succeded on a bluff check with the sword?

    • A bluff check with the sword? That’d be interesting. What senses does the sleeping sword have to fool?

      • No bluffing, though if anyone could do it… it’d either be Erias or Martin. Erias truly loves Arabax, but love is a minor consideration to a creature like him. Immortality and the possibility for universal dominion can change your priorities.

        • Looks like my reference to Hazlik’s latest scheme in the White Wolf Ravenloft Gazetteers was spot-on. “He truly loves *victim in question*, but he loves himself a whole lot more.”

        • Universal dominion maybe means the power to have the deceased/alive status of anybody one cares to change altered accordingly, in which case that would be the mildly-sociopathic but winning choice.

          • As a DM’s call… yes, Erias could reanimate Arabax’s body, and make it act exactly like the real Arabax. However, Arabax’s soul was eaten and destroyed by Rustyrazor, and there’s just no coming back from that. So it might look and sound like a real horse, but Erias would always know that it wasn’t really him.

            • So? Steal someone else’s soul and alter that as necessary to make his Arabax 2.0 work within expected operational parameters. Lots of options when you have nigh-omnipotence, possibly including creating a new soul that matches to within measurable tolerances.

              • Hey, Bunker is just there. If you are reanimating the horse for the LULZ, why not use the soul of the paladin who’s horse it was.

            • Would Erias care all that much, though? Just asking. The guy can be very pragmatic, as he’s just finished proving.

  3. About yesterday’s article:

    I’m surprised no one made a comment along the lines of “Finally! Homosexuals have equality at last!”

        • Naa, Gimli is already sailing on Legolas’ junk, er I mean, ship. That’s why people are shipping him and Legolas. *cough*

          (Seriously, it was less obvious in the movie, where Legolas was swooning all over Aragon’s kingly stubble, but kinda… obvious in the novels, that something had happened, offscreen, in Lothlorien.)

  4. So long, bad horse.

    Who’s up for some horse tartar? We can snack on it while we wait to see what Morty’s fiendish master plan is. Because he has one, I can feel it.

    • That’s a good question. The answer is that the weapons are destroyed in the ceremony that makes Erias omnipotent not just within Castle Rottencore, but over the entire universe. However, the components to the ritual are not just the three weapons of power, but the three activated weapons of power.

      • I don’t remember them doing anything to activate Overwhelmed…did I miss a comic, or was it just already activated when they got it?

          • I must be old, I saw the name “Ctenmir” and accidentally misread it as Chmmr. The game that name comes from is almost two decades old.
            Oh well, nothing for it but to activate a Precursor planeteering device.

  5. So, wait, if Evil!Bunker wasn’t actually a clone of Bunker, why did Arabax abandon his steedly duties and switch alliance to Evil!Bunker and later to Erias?

    Wow, Bunker, you suck as a paladin if even your horse abandons you at the slightest pretense.