20 Responses to 810 – The Final Adventure • 009

  1. 4E lost some really great opportunities here.

    All the “points in ride” jokes, all the “special paladin mount” stuff… just thrown out the door.

  2. Looking at Arabax’s eyes i just had this weird thought that Tammi doesn’t let him get enough sleep…. 😉

  3. I wonder… Is Arabax just betraying Tammi to Erias, or is he planning to betray Erias as well? He’s evil now, so odds are good he’ll try to grab all the power for himself, aren’t they?

      • Most certainly, it is. When the evil people are busy backstabbing each other, the good – or those who are supposed to pass for good – have an easier time of foiling their plans.

        • Oh. Oh! o_o Speaking of betrayals, Erias still needs to activate Rusty Razor!

          Bye-bye, Arabax/Abraxus. To paraphrase the white wolf description of Hazlik, Erias may truly love you, but he surely loves himself a lot more. And with Vecnus at his disposal, he can have you raised anytime he likes, I’m sure.

  4. Gee, is Bunker flirting with his ex(-horse)??

    Break-ups between a paladin and his mount are so ugly.