55 Responses to 809 • The Final Adventure • 008

  1. So when does the “killing Tammy” part begin?

    The drider is obviously played by Martin’s player. So transparent there, Kevin.

  2. Hail, hail, the gang’s all here.

    Who you calling a putz, horse? Got any opposable thumbs? No? Then go sit in the corner.

    In the evil corner, we have Erias in possession of Vecnus’ hand and eye, Rusty Razor, Overwhelmed and Suave… Looks like his plan can begin anytime he likes. Of course Tammi wants to betray him, so I’m guessing he plans to kill off all of the Underdark.

    • When I saw this, I immediately thought how bad an idea it is to have the enemy in the middle of your stronghold and lecture them. But then I thought, from the point of view of Erias, the enemy are the H.O.L.E., so they should be pretty safe.

      “Erias in possession of Vecnus’ hand and eye, Rusty Razor, Overwhelmed and Suave”

      Well, they are just sitting there, while nominally they are in his possession, they are in reach of anyone with opposable thumbs.

      Thinking about it, now Bunker has his Paladinhood back, perhaps his steed will become loyal again? If that is the case, then there is at least one free agent on their side.

        • I’d advise him not to hold his breath, unless Arabax is an exceptionally good actor and has been ‘in character’ for such a long period of time that it defies belief.

  3. Did anyone else see the final panel and just automatically expect the screen to go black with a strange echoing gunshot sound, and the word “LOST” to appear in big white capital letters?

  4. if you don’t notice Enkidu’s cigar, it looks like the horsey did a big steaming poo…

  5. Why were the first two panels dark anyway? Did Erias cast a darkness spell? Were those big heavy drapes closed, and the drider suddenly opened them? Or did we have a HERO POV of what it’s like to slowly come round where our ears wake up before our eyes?

  6. I am hoping that the villain doesn’t mess things up by leaving them alive for a second longer than they have to. Or, wait… is that too late already? Stupid gloating-addicted villains, always defeating yourselves.

    • Maybe Erias needs ‘heroes’ as sacrifices for the ritual.


      Because it all worked out so well last time. Then again, Bixer doesn’t seem to be around to screw things up anymore, so his chances of success have probably improved exponentially!