23 Responses to 808 – The Final Adventure • 007

  1. There’s a tiny difference between initiative and immidiate reaction…
    And how Bunker is using his lay on hands, he must be zooming around the battlefield!

      • Exactly.

        As for Bunker, I picture him running in a straight line towards Tammi, cutting down drow minions and taking hits, laying hands on himself as he goes to make sure he gets there. However, if it makes you happier to visualize him flying around apache helicopter style, who am I to tell you no?

              • Meh, she just didn’t get Greatsword proficiency…it’s only a -4 to hit penalty, well worth it for the soul sucking side effect…

        • Well, the assumption can be made that Bunker was laying hands upon all his allies, since all the text in the strip talks about is how his allies are being hurt, and without your explanation down here it would have been infeasible to guess that Bunker was healing himself for no particular reason.
          Of course he has a reason for being hurt, it’s just that we are not reminded about this and the last previous strip even offered an explanation for why the Hole would be largely ignored (beyond the heavy spellcasting, that is).

          So yes, I’m imagining him detouring (or straightlining) it past his allies, healing them, because that is what a paladin does and he’s not mentioned as being hurt by anything on the way.

  2. Hmm, so the party now consists of a Paladin, a monk, a druid, a cleric, and a self-proclaimed god. Maybe you should change the name of the strip to H.O.L.Y?

  3. Advantage: Tammi. Except she doesn’t seem to realize Bunker is a Paladin now, rather than a Fighter. He might surprise her yet.