41 Responses to 807 – The Final Adventure • 006

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t the fanbase have to vote on a CMOA?

    Anyway, in other news:
    Give Fleece’s nieces pyrokinesis; their army’s pieces releases my thesis that they’re the Jesus of polices. And what’s Jesus without pyrokinesis? Freya’s ‘creases’ in skin decreases – or ceases? – the GM’s plot involving increases and leases, but said ‘pieces’ also ‘greases’ certain… creepy… palms, so… well… look, the titillation nation appeases, but where’s Qesneff and his crotch-smelling wheezes?

  2. o_o Martin. He’s got to be involved with this somehow. “Learned his lesson”, indeed.

  3. Clearly the DM has lost control of his own world again… because I can’t believe he would agree to this. This is taking the concept of “new character” to extremes.

    Unless 9.999 of those 10.000 Fleeces die…

  4. The Fleeces remind me of Psmith From Phil Foglio’s Buck Godot, Zap Gun For Hire…

    (That page is a spoiler by the way…if you want to read the story without seeing the punchline first, hit the “Start” button without reading the page first…)

    • Now you know that wood elves never wear clothes except when they’re hanging around with humans…they’re all hippie pervs!

        • Hey, there’s “Wood” eleves and “High” elves…(Actually they both sound kinda hippie-ish now that i think about it…) But I prefer the Wolfriders from Elfquest….

          • That reminds me… *digs around in her files of weird sig lines, funny quotes and similar* Ah, here it is.

            I’m afraid the three are very much distinct. Pretentious Elves focus on the arcane arts, having a holier than thou attitude due to their culture being older and shinier than everyone elses. Dominatrix Elves wear black leather and black armor, both just as pointy as their weapons, and raid human settlements to kidnap everyone that doesn’t raise a weapon against them to take them home to rape them to death. Hippy elves are treehuggers in tree houses with tree festivals that will liquify you with arrows if you step on a twig the wrong way. All three archetypes are mutually exclusive.
            — Ganurath, on Mon Jun 02, 2008 11:19 pm, on keenspot Dominic Deegan webcomic forums

  5. I know this is long overdue (stupid internet -.-) but my first DM session went well. I kept them under control (quite a feat indeed) and they all had fun. I haven’t started working on next session this coming saturday >.< but I'll get it done.