50 Responses to 805 – The Final Adventure • 004

  1. Plooooooot twiiiiiiiist!

    …Of course, Nega-Bunker (which is not Bunker at all, after all) should have read the old book of “1001 things a Villain should do or not” (sp?), where he would have figured that his plan could be thwarted at any moment by the least expected person.

    And that’s the second part of the plot twist, with Enkidu (of all people!) helping the ex-pally with a well-timed back-fireball.

    Say…was the real Enkidu a jerk to god-hero Gilgamesh? Because that could be a meaningful name…

    • I think Enkidu was just too annoyed – Bunker giving a moralic speech gets on his nerves, but Bunker monologuing…

    • Enkidu (the “wild man”) and Gilgamesh (the demigod) began their relationship with a several days long wrestling match, but ended up the best of friends. (And then the gods killed Enkidu for helping Gilgamesh out. No good deed, eh?)

      Enkidu’s “Doppleganger Rule” is the only rule he has publicly professed and seems to adhere to. It’s not SO surprising this would be his response.

    • That explains the shapeshifting.

      No wait… if evil!Bunker was a doppelganger posing as a clone of Bunker, while Bunkers paladin horse was secretly evil and talking and shapeshifted into Erias’ tentacle-faced love-interest… um…. I’m confused now.

      • I can help. The doppleganger fooled both Bunker and Arabax, oh so long ago. Arabax and the doppleganger ran off to have evil adventures, that at some point included a tryst between Arabax and Tammi. While living with the drow, Arabax heard of Erias, the only creature everyone everywhere seemed scared of, so he left to increase his fortunes. The doppleganger stayed behind and became an agent of Tammi’s.

        Erias fell in “love” with Arabax, who was happy to be paired with the most powerful being in the universe, even if his power was limited to within the walls of Castle Rottencore. There would be time to expand later. Unfortunately before that could happen, a young sorceress named Ulrica wandered in with an evil school tour group… and the rest is history.

  2. So that settles the masturbation thingie – with a doppelganger mimicing you it of course is!
    But can Bunker keep his copied armour from the ashes? That helmet/soupbowl thing is kinda neat…

  3. Heh. The GM forgot Gamelaw #9: The start of your villain’s big monologue is your players’ cue to attack.

    • That’s why video games have cut scenes, where the player characters are forced to stand around and listen to the villain’s monologue or watch helplessley while the boss monster finishes its transformation sequence or the zombies shamble closer. Because video programmers have an unfair advantage over gamemasters: They can shut the player off any time they like. Or have him be auto-overpowered by town guards if the plot so demands.

      • I do this to my players. When they bitch I tell them, “It’s a cut scene.” and they settle down. Honestly, all you’re saying is, “It will not hurt your chances to sit and watch this happen. That’s what you’re supposed to do.

        • “It’s a cut scene!”
          “I press Esc and cast Sudden Widened blast of flame!” 😛

  4. Plot twists! BOO-YA!

    On a somewhat-not-really-kinda related note, I’m DMing my first session later tonight. I’m so nervous I couldn’t sleep last night. I’m going to have the group rescue an Elf child from some orcs. Knowing my group, either they will get there with only a moment to spare, or the kid will already be decapitated.

    I’ll tell you how it goes on tomorrows blog (I won’t have internet till then anyways). Wish me luck!

      • We’re a good party….well not really. Long story short, they are role playing themselves sucked into a D&D world. So they play themselves and their own self-appointed alignments. Which is mostly CN. I’m doomed aren’t I?

          • I’m not familiar with that. This is completly original (as in I thought of it my self, its entirly possible someone else thought of it before and published it and I just never heard/read it.)

            • You’re not doomed. Just accept right now that you have no control over the way things will eventually end up, and allow anything that sounds like fun, even if YOU think it’s stupid. You’ll have a blast.

            • Well I got the name wrong…it’s actually Guardians of the flame but as you can see it’s very similar (Though the gamers in the novels take on stats and abilities (Though not personalities) appropriate to the characters they were going to be playing in addition to their own knowledge and personalities)

  5. I tip my hat. I did NOT see this twist coming after all, and thought the reveal was Monday.

    Well played, Kevin.

    And I shall unabashedly steal this plot twist and use it in an upcoming game session. Well, a variation on it.


  6. Well, that comes as a relief. A huge relief, after the horror that made me scream day before yesterday.
    I guess this means Bunker Fell as a Paladin because he believed the doppelganger was his evil opposite – I guess personal perspective was all in this case. (This discounts, of course, the fact that the current DM is not the one who exposed Kid Bunker to the mirror, bla bla bla…)
    Nice to see Enkidu uphold that one rule. Also nice to see that – as I kind of suspected – Anti-Bunker/Violet’s opinion that (s)he managed to alienate the rest of the team from Bunker was just so much hot air. That mess worked with Kid Bunker because he was adventuring with kids, who were jerks. Mature Bunker’s adventuring with (supposedly) young adults, who may be jerks as well, but also know when to shut it off – and are really his friends.

    • Hmm… this does put into question if Bunker “really” fell from palladin status… if his “twin” was a monster all along…

      Friends are those that stay with ya through thick and thin.

        • Just that I actually think about things like what kind of home life the players have and relative ages and relationships and who thinks what about who and are they right or making shit up or just misunderstanding and blah blah blah. Behind the curtain stuff.

  7. I suppose in that vein can Bunker atone for being a moron and become a paladin again?

    Killing a crap load of drow would be a good first start