The Tuesday Videos: Team Idiots Edition

Yes. It’s real. Harvard has a team. The IQA (International Quidditch Association) boasts 400 college and 300 high school teams, in 13 countries.  I think Harry Potter must be magic.

I too am confident enough to appear to be an idiot.

Groupthink strikes all groups. Especially clone groups.

21 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: Team Idiots Edition

  1. Why, oh why do I have to think of the 90’s german political party of yogic flyers (who later became the natural law party)?

  2. Question of the day: if you could have your own clone army, who would you select as the template?

      • Hey, since they’re clones, no need to limit yourself to living people…Marilyn Monroe would be my first choice.

    • Me, obviously. I’m the superior template.

      And then I’d have a whole army of sexy me’s to have sex with!
      Besides, there’s no one else I’d trust to mercilessly conquer the galaxy.