The Tuesday Videos: Nekkid and Loving It Edition

We start this week with a protest. People are mad as hell and they’re not gonna take it anymore. And I’m behind them.

Right behind them…

The girlies aren’t the only ones interested in public exposure. It’s time to get organized, get prepared, and learn the rules.

For those of you who have been out of the porn scene for awhile, (which probably includes almost none of my readers) you may be unaware of the art and pride that goes into making a modern erotic classic. And since I am here largely just to break you against the things you would rather not know, I bring you this introduction to an unknown porno flick. And think before you steal someone’s lemons.

16 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: Nekkid and Loving It Edition

  1. OMG, it’s the freaky lemon-tree porno, it’s real, I wasn’t hallucinating!
    Err, I mean, “porn”? What’s that? 😳
    I seriously couldn’t get into the “mood” at the time from laughing so much about it.
    Not that I’ve ever watched it, mind you.

    The pissing expert is really out of his mind, but hilarious as well.

    I’d like to promote this YouTube channel I’ve come across two days ago. It’s all about atheism and LGBT rights, two subjects close to my heart, and it goes through deconstructing religious etc arguments in a calm and serious(mostly) manner. Also, after watching this one(relevant part starts at about 2:25, but the rest is also great) I knew I was in love. 😉

  2. Even ignoring the fact that I don’t find women attractive “in that way”, niether of the women are particularly gorgeous. Let me rephrase that. Both were fugly. Period.

    • In the porno? I don’t think they were unattractive girls, they were just kinda, “porned up”. The whore, in particular, was deliberately made up to look a little rough.

  3. Years ago, before age, kids, and computer addiction took its toll on my figure, I enjoyed dressing to show it off. I was, as I was often told, pretty hot-looking, and I liked getting looks that said the scenery was being enjoyed. This certainly DID NOT mean that I was inviting assault, nor that I would’ve deserved getting raped. Yes, I got invitations for various types of intimacy from both genders, but saying “no” was enough discouragement.

    I understand why the officer spoken of in the video would say that dressing slutty might invite assault, as there are certainly people out there that don’t respect boundaries, but in my opinion, those people would attack anyone that got their attention, no matter the dress code.

    • The shrinks say that rape has very little to do with sex anyway. It seems to be about control issues, mostly. (And the rage and aggression derived thereof.) given this, plus the fact that almost all rapes are conducted by people the victims already know, I’d say that the old chestnut concerning a woman’s attire equaling her “asking for it”, is probably dead wrong.

      • And that’s what the “slut walk” was saying, that anyone can choose their attire to please themselves and not have to worry about inviting a rapist to “come and get it.”

        Men who look twice at “sluttishly-dressed” women and get turned on may think (like the police officer) that someone with less self-control would think “she’s asking for it”, no matter what actual rape statistics prove. This is penis logic, not real-world, fact-checking logic.

      • So to someone with power and frustration issues, feeling angry with the world…

        Having to watch a woman who is weaker (pecking order is herd behaviour), who doesn’t have the same _perceived_ social anger/concerns.

        Having them flaunt their goods (as in something that is highly desired across the entire sexual animal kingdom even if that’s their only attraction <- and if you disagree with that take it up with the advertising industry); wantonly, without care or value, for the purpose of self-centered attention seeking (with often accompanying physical and material benefits, and also social status benefits).

        All in front of said angry and/or socially advantaged through physical aggressive types (ie they got where they are in the pack by force – and often a damaged hardened or even negative attitude towards the feeling of others (eg if you are made to feel bad, then ipso facto they must at least be feeling better than you).

        Yeah of course that would have nothing to do with the way they dress or behave (face-palm)

        And such walks and attitudes, Of Course, won't make such sad and angry people any sadder or angrier.

        Problem with sluts… it's not tacky dress sense (any boob can poop on a rose, the reverse is the cool bit) , it's that the whole process is congruent with mental and emotional impairment.

        • Ooops forgot to add; “and those people with power and frustration issues, who express their emotional states sexually and/or have sexual desires/appetite that is affected by their emotional and psychological (and stress) state. ”

          … and in an cultural of overcharged sexuality (where so much is linked to, or sold through sex or sexual connotations)