The Tuesday Videos: Every Day is a Nu Thang Edition

Who says you can teach an old god new tricks? Not this kid. (MC Hammer pants + Bobby Brown pants = a song even Jesus can rock to.)

The only thing better than the Tuesday Videos is the Tuesday Videos with Eliza Dushku on top.

Well… whaddya know…

And finally, the ultimate example of of the rule, “No matter how awesome the babe, somewhere there is always some poor guy who is sick to death of putting up with her shit.” A lesson from Frank and Honey.

10 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: Every Day is a Nu Thang Edition

  1. The first seconds of the first film reminded me of the scene, where Jesus washed away the whores makeup…

  2. The second clip gave the feeling of watching a videogame.

    Bash enemy with club.
    Take his gun.
    Use gun on more enemies.
    Get better gun.
    Use better gun on enemies..

    Looks a bit familiar, doesn’t it? 🙂

    • Oh yeah. I think that was kinda the point though. Battle through the evil mooks to get to the Eliza Dushku shaped prize at the end. Which makes the way they played the ending even funnier.

    • I’ve seen stuff by these guys before – a lot of it is inspired by shooter video games.

    • And good god, someone teach that brat how to use a microphone, or get him a headset…the only worse thing than bad christian rap is bad christian rap by someone who waves the mike around like a baton. Hey kid…the mike is supposed to be near your face while you’re yapping!

      • Not a good idea – somebody might actually hear him!
        But (i didn’t watch to the full) obviously he missed the chance to knock out himself…