The Tuesday Videos: Flying Chocolate Salmon Edition

A lot of people think that acting is oh-so-easy, something that anyone can do. Well, anyone can pretend, but acting takes work, skill, and lots and lots of practice. Even if you’re a salmon.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from the internet, it’s that cats have bad grammar, stupid boys are self-regulating when it comes to the ability to procreate, and that babies are cute. Especially invulnerable flying babies with repulsor beams.

Lastly is an oldie that many of you have probably already seen. Bill Cosby was an absolutely seminal influence on the face of comedy worldwide. Almost every comedian since can chart themselves somewhere between him and Lenny Bruce. Our final video today is a classic bit about Cosby at home… and a chocolate cake.

24 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: Flying Chocolate Salmon Edition

  1. The last two videos aren’t available in germany. But I like the subtitles in the first 😉

  2. Hmm, first one: amusing, I guess there are all kinds of problems with animatronics, and the crazy sruff which goes with it. In the film Labarynth with David Bowie, the dwarf there was done with four people, one person in the suit, one doing the voice, and one doing the mouth movements, and one doing the eyes and eyebrows. It took a lot of practice.

    Second one, I was amused at the amount of effort which went into hiding the fact that it was a baby inside the suit. Is that some kinds of promo for Iron man?

    Third one: Hadn’t seen it. I had only seen him in some TV series he did a while back. I didn’t really know he did stand up.

    • Cosby did stand-up long before he did The Cosby Show. I actually (still) have the audio tape for that show (it was titled Bill Cosby – Himself) and is a classic…..right up there with Eddie Murphy’s Raw in terms of greatest comedy albums of all time (and better suited for younger listeners). I believe this footage was filmed for an HBO Comedy Special.

      • Yeah, Cosby was a stand up comedian before he ever got into Television way back in “I spy” – He adapted part of his Standup routine into the cartoon show “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids” in the 70s.

      • Oppss, Brain cells misfired. For some reason I thought he was in Room 222, but on looking it up he was not listed.

  3. *clicks on Iron Baby video*


    Me: Craaaaaap!

  4. I saw the Chocolate Cake skit when I was pretty young. It has stayed with me until the present day.

    I’m glad someone else saw it. It’s pretty great.