The Tuesday Blog: Rednecks Abroad Edition

It’s man vs. moose, with a fairly predictable and anti-climactic result. Interesting, but skip ahead to at least the one minute mark.

Anybody up for a rematch? I know somebody who’s getting laid tonight.

And now, to make up for the lack of violence in the first two fights, is a simply awesome battle between two gladiators of the silver screen. I bring you, Iron Man vs. Bruce Lee.

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  1. The beer in the guy’s hand in the first video pretty much says it all.

    The guy in the second video has a lot of balls. He just raised up that stick and threatened to whack that moose when it charged him. Then kept growling at it till it decided to bugger off. That takes some brass ones.

    And of course that last video was just pretty cool. I’m pretty sure a full blast from Iron Man’s repulsor pads would probably kill you. But if it’s just a couple of Hobbits in the suit then they probably don’t know what the hell they’re doing. I mean, they DID take on Bruce Lee, so obviously they didn’t know what they were doing.

    • Bruce Lee can dodge bullets and break your spine all at the same time whilst fighting 23 lackies. Slow moving energy cannons He can dodge in his sleep.

      • People say that, but the truth is most of Lee’s opponents waited patiently in line while he kicked them in the face, one by one. The Jet Lis and Jackie Chans of the world have it much tougher.

      • That’s all fine and dandy, but he already GOT hit by a blast in this fight.
        Anyway, already seen the Iron Man vs. Lee one, kinda lukewarm-funny to me.

        The first one was boring as hell, nobody got “picked up by the crotch” or anything.

        The second was…well, all I’ve gotta say is that they really need to practice on their war-cry(even I have a better war-cry, and unlike Mr. Sissy-pants there, I actually put in some emotion into it, but then again, I got plenty of aggression to send), the moose looked more confused as to what the fuck was going on than it wanted to charge him. He should have probably gestured a bit more with the staff, there’s a reason why chimpanzees smash sticks all around them.
        I’m not sure if I’d look scarier, what with my stature and build, but I bet I can sound meaner.
        I’ve actually growled at loitering/stray male dogs that threatened my late dog before, I’m not sure how effective I’d be against something like that not-too-impressive-looking moose in the second video, but at least I wouldn’t be doing a half-assed job at it.

  2. Hmm, in Sweden? Why would canadians go all the way to Sweden to annoy mooses? I can confirm that the second one is made in Sweden, though. The tactics can prove extremely succesful (for us watching anyways) during mating season when the bulls will rush anything.

    Bruce Lee – aaw yeah.

  3. Actually, the thing the guy in the second vid did was more than a little dangerous therefore demanding big brass balls.
    (Hail you, insane swedish person)

    Also, i have seen some hunting pals of mine after they had a run in with an irate moose. Physical damage was the norm, these guys were all armed for hunting and not one of them would like to end up face to face with an angry moose ever again.

    Same with the guy in the first vid of course, but that only took lack of braincells.

    Third one was hilarious! 😀

    • I expect if I saw a moose wandering about the LAST thing I would want to do would be to attract it’s notice. It may be a herbivore, but it’s still bigger than me, and that’s enough to wind my ‘fraidy gear.

      • Main thing is not to flee. And not to bend down.

        Many humans are taller (especially with hands up), and lots of very loud noises and confusing trashing about makes the animal think twice (they don’t get doctors or pain meds or policefolks to save them if they get beaten). As long as you are aggressive and not following a recognised pattern (lowering head, especially lowering head and challenging (ie attack) stare, or showing you’re weaker) or actually pushing them into a corner or attacking their offspring, they’ll backdown. It’s also important to be certain of that, doubt shows in body language & posture.

        But if they’re unsure about you, and you show weakness (like turn and walk or run) they run you off just to be sure.

    • That is my feeling as well. Lena has been heroically battling with the forces of Service Providers for a while now, but it’s an uphill battle. I’m sure she’ll get it worked out eventually.

  4. I just finished replaying Baldur’s Gate.

    All of them. I took a character through BG1 (well, BGTutu, because I was a wild mage) all the way to the end of Throne of Bhaal.

    I also have the harder ToB mods installed.

    A 4 or 5 hour long boss fight with THE BIGGEST OF BIG BADS finally is winding down, home row, tough fight but I think I won…

    WILD SURGE: Roll 4 more times!
    WILD SURGE: Alignment reversed!
    WILD SURGE: Gender flipped!
    WILD SURGE: Fireball!
    WILD SURGE: No save!

    End boss dies from the… identity-burning fireball.

    NOOOOOOOOOOO. NOOOOOO NONONONONO NOOO! I don’t even know how many hours I spent playing that, and my epilogue is for some lawful evil chick instead of a CG dude! WHAT IS THIS?

    Seriously, never play a wild mage in ToB. In the entire time I had all of 7 good surges (and countless, COUNTLESS bad surges).

    • Geez…what character was that again, Anne Onymous, the Wotch?

      Personification of Chaos indeed…

    • I wouldn’t call a gender flipping spell all that bad. 🙁
      BTW, is there a reason I haven’t seen the emoticon row for at least a few days now?

      • Well it’s not so much the Gender flipping as the alignment reversal at the exact moment of no-save flaming death…So instead of being a guy in Chaotic-Good heaven, POOF! You’re a wicked bitch in hell…

        • It was easily 100+ hours with that guy, taking him from a lowly level 1/1 cleric/wild mage to a level 25/20 cleric/wild mage.

          He was a chaotic good guy for pretty much the whole time (there was a brief stint with another alignment surge, but that wore off after good night’s rest). Did an entire romance arc and everything (Viconia alignment change). That’s why the gender flip was terrible: “hey, all that romance stuff you did? NOPE. Nevermind!”

          To be clear, Elfguy was right about “So instead of being a guy in Chaotic-Good heaven, POOF! You’re a wicked bitch in hell…” only in a technical sense. The ‘guy’ ascended to Godhood and, now that he is suddenly lawful evil, goes about doing absolutely everything he and all his friends and allies didn’t want to happen ever. Well, except Edwin, but pffffft at that guy.

          So, in the words of a friend of mine: “The game beat itself just to spite [me].”

          • Wait u only care cause in Baldur’s Gate the alignment of the people you kill affects you, right? Cause as a general way of beating someone an identity-changing fireball is pretty badass. I don’t kill you. I change you into a mockery of yourself that loses all your bonuses, then kill you. That’s pretty bad news.
            The middle vid I love. I wanna see a human use that on a dragon.

            • “Wait u only care cause in Baldur’s Gate the alignment of the people you kill affects you, right? ”

              Nope. It doesn’t.

              “Cause as a general way of beating someone an identity-changing fireball is pretty badass. I don’t kill you. I change you into a mockery of yourself that loses all your bonuses, then kill you. That’s pretty bad news.”

              More like, “I twist into a mockery of myself, completely different in every possible meaning, and going for things I strove against before. Before, I was a force of goodness and righteousness and freedom. Now, as I ascend to Godhood, I am “Tyrant” in every meaning of the word. For no reason.”

              Maybe if it had happened gradually as the game went on, that would’ve been neat character development. It was the equivalent of Spiderman punching out Doctor Octopus, and then while he’s defeated, he goes “Actually, hey Doc, you know what? I like your plan. Let’s work together.” No cunning betrayal. No reason to do it. He just suddenly and inexplicably turns evil.

              THE END.

  5. LOL – silly city-folk. The guy in the second vid did exactly what you SHOULD do with that particular moose. The only time moose are aggressive is males during rut season. This was a young moose – couldn’t tell if it was male/female (video wasn’t that detailed – lol), but was obviously NOT a rutting male. Yell and wave your arms – they’ll go away.