44 Responses to 804 – The Final Adventure • 003

  1. Wait, I (don’t) know where this is going: Tammi is in love with evil-Bunker, but kills herself also in the progress!

  2. I guess that answers the question of what the other half was- it was a dude! So are they still married and all? No wonder he/she let Ekindu go down on him/her so easily. Can’t wait to see HIS reaction to the revalation. He was pleasuring Bunker’s evil twin! LOL!

    • I didn’t think about this when I wrote it, so I’ll include this extra scene just for you.

      Morty: “Hey Enkidu, since Violet was really Bunker’s evil clone, it’s kinda like you went down on Bunker back in Gallumphing. Whaddya think about that?”

      Enkidu: “Yeah, whatever. Hey, what happened to that troll-babe with the nose? She may have smelled like a dude but she had great cans.”

    • Technically, as Violet is played by Mr. Unseen Gamemaster…. uh…

      This is getting disturbing.


    This is worse than the drow-on-horse action!

  4. Today the comments have made me laugh more so than the comic, but I can’t wait to see where this goes from here. I’m very much enjoying your comic Kevin.

    • I’m guessing Freya is going to have to stick her fingers in her ears for the next strip or two…

  5. Is this the point where evil!Bunker kills Bunker with the black sword, and Enkidu swears alliance to evil!Bunker? After all, evil!Bunker is far more a guy after Enkidu’s heart, evil!Bunker would not hesitate to behead Enkidu if Enkidu does not obey, and last but not least evil!Bunker can turn into a troll woman with boobs on demand!

  6. I don’t know Kevin, Enkidu is supposed to be such a mans man that even the hint that he might have homophobic tendencies. Would lead to the death of the speaker, any witnesses and the midnight razing of Gallumphing.