39 Responses to 803 – The Final Adventure • 002

  1. What Enkidu should have said was “Sorry sir, we don’t get involved in domestics.”

    • Yeah, even the Cops hate D-D scenarios… (Domestic Dispute…here we have a DD in D&D…) Those situations are the ones with the highest percentage of escalating to violence when the cops show up.

      It is interesting that now it’s going to be illegal in some states to resist the police if they illegally break into your home without a warrant…after they broke in and filled this guy with lead because he had a gun (he didn’t fire a shot) and then kept the paramedics from going inside until the guy died…and the government wants to pas laws making it legal for the FBI and the government to go through all your records if you own a gun (And we thought owning a gun wasn’t a crime…tell that to the antigun lobby!) do the words “Police State” mean anything to anyone?

  2. Aww… Enkidu cares more about his relationship with Bunker than he does about xp, if only Bunker would recognize that all Enkidu wants is a friend to go rampaging with.

  3. Good grief. Enkidu is SUCH a jerk. =_=

    On a sidenote: guess I was right about Violet killing Bunker to activate Rusty Razor. I was just wrong about when she’d do it.

    • Hmm, Violet seems to be enjoying this way too much for it to be killing the one she loves…

      • Active or not, it is still a very dangerous object, cutting through Bunker’s plate mail.

        Women. Always overreacting.

        • NPC, probably planted as an agent in the party by the conspiring darkness evil-badguy-evils, this may be a twisted way of saying she really likes him but she doesn’t want to die.

        • I know, it’s evident it;’s still a kickass sword, just doesn’t seem to be activated to its full potential yet.

          • I’ve never really appreciated you for this before, thank you for getting the its/it’s thing right.

            • I’m a self-conscious nitpicker, I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I wasn’t paying close attention to it.

        • Not only did Rustyrazor wreck Bunker’s breast plate, it sundered Bunker’s own sword! 😯

          I wonder if Violet counts as “large” in size, in game terms, and thus has reach? Or did they abolish reach in 4E?

          • Expanded it, actually. Not all large critters have it, but many do. Then there’s “threatening reach,” and “reach 2” or more. One of the very few areas they went the other way on.

            • I’m guessing that’s because now the tile system for combat is even more integrated into the game. Everything, attack or spell, has a reach in tiles, not just feet/meters. It’s all a ploy to sell more tile-sets anyway.

              • The map is 5′ squares, barely different from the 10′ squares we played with 30 years ago. (Yes…) The dungeon tiles are nice to use, but they’re no more necessary now than they were back before they had been created. We constantly switch back and forth between them and the old Chessex Battlemat.

                Now what HAS changed is it is much more difficult to play the game without a map or miniatures at all, which used to be completely normal. You’d draw out a larger general map of the dungeon as you went, everyone really listened to the room’s contents, and then you told the DM where you went and what you did. It was all in your head. From 3.0 forward, the game has become much more of a miniatures combat game. Hmm, thinking about it that way I think I just made your point for you. I guess you’re right!

                Carry on!

                • Perhaps you should give the “Mazes and Monsters”-recreation from blog of holding a try…

                • Well that basically means it went back to it’s roots…the game it is based on, “Chainmail” is a set of miniatures battle rules…

  4. Violet really believes in the “till death do us part” line of the wedding vow, eh?

  5. Is it just me or are huge chunks of story missing between panels? I’m getting very lost as to what is actually happening in the last few