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    • I thought it was a top hat. Obviously the drow have goths, too. Given how drow dress normally, I expect drow goths to wear brightly colored cheerful poloshirts and plaid trousers, blue contact lenses, and to dye their hair black. At least the pale make-up stays the same.

        • Show anyone a purple and green top hat, and I defy them not to immediately think “Leprachaun!”

          or at least “Drunk student on St Patrick’s Day”

          (edit: just realised the “drunk” in that last phrase is totally redundant)

          • First reaction to “purple and green top hat”: silly guy; who would taylor anything suitable to that?

            Ok, ok, I’m neither english nor irish, and in no way american…

      • Maybe he’s into Voudon and is dressing up like that guy with the skull makeup…Baron whatzisface…

  1. But why did they have to burn that cool flying ship? (Or to use another citation: “Why’s the rum gone?”)

    And to get it clear: on the way outside they passed an army of drow, there are hundreds of drow, two spider-men (and a leprechaun) outside, and they didn’t notice a thing?
    Do they all have a perception of -10?

    Oh, and Tammi must have fallen from the sky, in the second panel I can’t see her…

    • Not that I feel the need to explain ANY of this…

      There are 3 major branches of this dungeon. (That’s why the heroes kept coming back to Etrusca.) Drow are sneaky and quiet. It would have been very simple to creep down one of the other branches and hide until HOLE had walked by. And that assumes Tammi didn’t have a secret underground way in.

      Tammi is shorter than male elves, wouldn’t want to be seen right off the bat, and as a drow queen, possesses not-inconsiderable magical abilities.

      Finally, no ship, no daring, last-minute escapes.

      Why you wanna go shittin’ on everything anyway?

      • “But why’s the rum gone?”
        The only thing that really matters me is that I can’t join the barbecue… 😉

      • Well, I admit, my natural reaction as a player to such an obvious “You’re surrounded by too many enemies that you didn’t notice until now” ploy would also have been: “They’re behind us, too? We just came down that tunnel! Where the hell did they come from? From a plot hole?” As heavy-handedness and railroading has been part of Mr. Unseen DM’s tools, I expect nothing less of him.

        • I would think that the ones behind them had concealed themselves down one of the other two branches of the dungeon until the party past (They fought the Iffrit at the junction of the three tunnels)

      • Kevin, You ask “Why you wanna go shittin’ on everything anyway?” I will suggest you check with George Mallory.

      • Why are there two driders working with the drow when they’re supposed to hate each other, driders having failed one of lolth’s tests and all…
        [/D&D Nerd]

        • Driders still serve Lolth. There is no ingame documentation that I know of that says drow “hate” driders or vice versa.

          • @Elfguy
            “Because they have failed their goddess’ test, driders are outcasts from their own communities. Drow and driders hate one another passionately.”
            -D&D 3.5 Monster Manual.

            @ not-so-anonymous
            no, not really.

            • Ah…they added that part during the time I wasn’t playing, I guess…

              So Lolth ordered them to get along then…That or Tammi did.

              • That seems backwards.

                It sounds like you started in 4e, where drider are drow who passed the Test of Lloth, undertaken only by the strongest and bravest of the society. My 2e AD&D MM says that drow of exceptional ability (level 6 or higher) are put through a special test by Lloth, and those who fail become drider. Drider are violent, aggressive outcasts. They aren’t encountered with drow or other drider, but huge spiders.

                They have never gotten along in the past, until 4e.

                • I played 1E and 2E…you said that notation was in 3.5E…the Driders I remember were fighting alongside Lolth and the Drow Preistesses in modules like Vault Of the Drow and Queen of the Demonweb Pits. The DM may have added the Driders to the Vault part, but they were definitely in QOTDWP…

                  • Well, to be honest, there are two things about Drow/Drider/Lolth relations that bare mentioning.
                    1) Why the hell would Lolth make you look like her as a punishment? Does she have poor self image?

                    2) Drow all hate one another too, that doesn’t stop them from working together when told to do so by someone more powerful. Maybe Tammi went and cracked some Drow skulls. Or slept with them, which ever. They’re drow, the two aren’t mutually exclusive…

  2. Oh how much do I hate “paratroopers”…

    The term came into use in our group when suddenly our “7th Sea” party was surrounded by no less than 80 armed and armored guards in all direction and I expressed my … curiosity as how so many had appeared out of nowhere. Faced with no credible answer from my GM, I then suggested the use of 16th century parachutes would be only possible explanation…

  3. Hmm, other than the two Driders, I can’t see any weapons. Onlookers perhaps?

    @Noodlebug – I think that is the kind of thing artists do when they are bored drawing a crowd scene.

  4. Oh no, it’s Martin’s new character!
    He’s either playing the drow queen, a drider, or the army of drow. Or all three. 😉

    Bunker did say Martin would join them once they left the dungeon….

  5. Quick, Bunker, open diplomatic negotiations by dropping your trousers! Tammi already had sex with your horse, she will go for the opportunity to “ride the paladin” as well. 😉

  6. Tammi wear a rather… unusual outfit for a drow queen, to judge by all the artwork in D&D supplements. 😆